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About Me

Hello friends,

My name is Vishwajeet Kumar. I am the Founder and Author of this blog. I Have completed My B.B.A (Bachelor Of Business Administration)  from Jaipur national University in July 2016. I am a full-time blogger. I started my blogging career in late 2015 and have written various articles online. I am an avid learner and also a listener.  I love to help people online to get them success in their online businesses. I belongs to a typical Bengali middle class family.

Vishwajeet Kumar

My Blogging Journey


Blogging is now become my passion and I realize it when I had written few articles in some of the blogs and it has been  liked and appreciated by people. It’s really encourage me a lot to write more articles.  Few Months back when I was just written articles for fun, I did not understand the credibility of blogging. With the span of time, I am start reading the success stories of the bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from blogging. This really motivates me a lot and encourage me to start my own blog.  Since I belongs to a Middle class family and according to Our Indian society blogging is still not a valid option for a individual’s career. But I found myself very lucky. I have got full encouragement from My family members, especially from my Mother and My elder brother. Both of them really motivates me a lot. I am  also doing affiliate marketing and have been working with some of the affiliate networks which help me to make some money online.

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 Imblogggingtips – A blog dedicated to newbie bloggers.


I know how much it is painful when you  did not get success in blogging. That’s Why I have created this blog to help newbies to learn more about Internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Blogging etc.  In this blog I try to help newbies to sorted out most their problems by writing informative and detailed articles. I am getting awesome responses from my blog readers which motivates me a lot. I am always trying to add as much as helpful article to my blog. if you have any queries please contact us. If you like our Blog, Just subscribe it. Visit our blog home page and you will find our subscription box in right sidebar.

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Resources that I have use for my blog and recommend others.


Here are the list of some great blogging tools, which I have used on my blog. These tools help me to make my blog more user-friendly. These tools are highly recommend to every bloggers. You might give it a try.

Domain Names: – I prefer registering domain names with Godaddy. They offer domain names at very reasonable price. You will also get coupon codes for additional discounts.

Hosting: – For web Hosting I am currently using Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting. I am very happy with their services.  For more reliable hosting services click here.

Keyword research tool: – For best keyword research I prefer to use Semrush. It is one of the best tools for getting quality keywords and also helps you to increase your site SEO. I am also using MOZ for keep close eye on my blog performance.

WordPress Themes: – For Best WordPress Themes I prefer to use Genesis framework or Mythemshop. These themes are very fast and also SEO friendly. You will get free updates and good customer support.

Email Subscriptions: – For email subscription I am using jetpack. I am also using Sendinblue email marketing for my blog. You can learn more about Sendinblue here.

Content:- For Great Content I love to hire writers from Hirewriters.com. It is one of the best places to look for some native content writers who have great command on English and provide your great content for your blog.

Note:- I will update this page frequently with some latest and new blogging tools. If you are looking for some good blogging and SEO tools, please visit this page frequently.