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Cloud Server Explained – Easy Way

cloud server explained

We’ve heard it many times that “future of computers and businesses is in the cloud”! Cloud computing is the rage in tech industry that has the potential to grow your organization from small to multi-tier. A cloud-optimized server is behind all the major operations that makes the internet a far …

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Top 5 SEO Apps for Android

Android Device

If you are even marginally interested in web design or blogging, you must have heard of Search Engine Optimization, or widely known as SEO. It is a delicate and often long process of optimizing your web page to rank higher among results on search engines. It generally helps your page …

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Increase ROI by Redesigning your Landing Pages.

Increase ROI by Redesigning your landing pages

Landing page is the most crucial part of the website and majority of the conversions arrive through the landing page. Business companies redesign the landing pages to increase their ROI (Return-On-Investment). Some companies even utilize A/B testing between two versions of a website to determine which version of a website …

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