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How to increase your Twitter followers.

how to increase your twitter followers

Twitter is one of the popular social networking sites after Facebook. In recent days twitter gets more popularity among bloggers. Everybody wants to increase their twitter followers. Twitter also helps you to build your social brand value. After Facebook I usually use Twitter for my Social media campaigns. It helps …

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Social Media Privacy for Children.

Social Media privacy

When we think about social media for children, there are some advantages for children using social media websites.  The top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, increased the level of communication and access to information make kids knowledgeable. But at the same time, social media has serious drawbacks …

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Reasons Why Facebook Moved To Office 365?


This year Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference witnessed a great deal between Facebook and Microsoft. Facebook’s CIO Tim Campos announced the decision to switch to Microsoft Office 365 for all of their 12000 employees. This massive deal for Microsoft isn’t without any reason. With the Facebook’s motive to give people the …

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