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Milesweb, Best Web Hosting Services.


Web hosting industry is very vast and overcrowded. Finding a right web hosting company isn’t an easy task. We all are attracted by some cheap web hosting companies and finally the results are not so fruitful. Cheap web hosting companies does not provide you adequate server resources for your website …

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Free Vs Paid Web Hosting.

Free vs Paid Web Hosting

Web hosting world is very vast. Everyday a new web hosting company launched in online world. You will get both paid and free web hosting companies. But the most important question is which hosting is better choice for you. Paid or free.   This is very well debated topic and you …

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Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting

Most of you are familiar with the Godaddy. They are one of the popular domain registrars.  I love to register the domain name with them. Most of you think that they are only a good domain registrar and their hosting really sucks. The reality is that their managed WordPress hosting …

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Does Web Hosting Affect SEO.

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO

Yes. Which company you choose to host your website with does have an effect on where your website ranks in search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company doesn’t guarantee a rankings boost, but it does mean you avoid the consequences, and they can be significant ones, of choosing the wrong host. Therefore, you need to …

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Managed WordPress Hosting By Dreamhost.


Well Dreamhost is a very renowned brand in web hosting industry. They have proudly hosting over 1,500,000 websites since 1997. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company then there is no competition with Dreamhost. Their services and hosting qualities are far better than its competitors. They also …

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Strikingly Best Website Builder.


Website builder can help you to make creative websites in minutes. If you are completely newbie and does not have any coding knowledge or experience of creating a professional website than a website builder can help you to create website which looks professional and have lots of features. Well there …

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