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Collect payments online for free with Due.

If you are doing online business than payment processing is very important option for you to get started. We are always heard about PayPal which is one of the best online payment processor and accepted by worldwide users. The faster you get paid, the more cash flow you have to sustain and grow your business. The problem is not every customer or client pays you in a timely manner.

The effort spent in creating invoices and chasing payment takes away from opportunities to focus on those actions that make money. Plus, who wants to wait days, weeks, or months to get paid? Low cash flow could result, inhibiting your ability to grow the company while also putting your credit score and business continuity at risk.


Due is an Online Invoice and Digital Wallet Solution for Freelancers, Small Business Owners, and Companies of All Sizes. You can receive funds online from your buyers and get paid directly to your bank account.

With Due you can create unlimited invoices and collect payments online from your buyers in real time. The majority of consumers and businesses expect to use their debit cards or credit cards as payment methods. If you don’t accept these in your business, then you are missing opportunities for more revenue because these potential customers or clients will go elsewhere. With Due you are able to adding online credit card processing to your payment methods, you will be more likely to add business and close more leads than just accepting cash and checks. This is especially important if the majority of your transactions are online or you are a freelancer that works in a virtual environment.

Due payment

Most online payment processing companies are increasing their fees while banks are charging more to process checks. You may also find that your transaction costs are higher when you have to account for paper supplies and labor that goes into traditional payment methods. Instead, by switching to a low-cost credit card processing service like Due, you will be able to minimize this expense and, as a result, increase your profitability. The addition of features like chargeback protection also helps keep costs down that are often associated with payment disputes.

How to Sign Up with Due

sign up due

Sign up with Due is very easy and take less than few minutes. They are providing two types of accounts Individual and Business accounts. Their pricing is completely clear. They will charge you 2.70% transaction fee on domestic and international credit card processing. No set-up or hidden fees. Plus, you get funds from payments in 1-2 business days. Click Here to Sign up with Due.

If your annual revenues are more than $250,000 per year, Due has a custom rate made for your business.

Due removes paper, human error, and time from these non-revenue tasks and replaces them with an efficient, streamlined way to bill for your products and services and then quickly receive your payments. In automating the process, there is a significant reduction in the margin for error in what is owed and paid. This leaves you with more time to market your business and take on new projects or process more orders. This is a fiscal recipe for success.

As more business is being conducted across the globe, the demand for an international payment system has increased. Freelancers, outsourced talent, and international product sales through websites have driven the desire for a simple payment option that works across currencies and tax systems. As a payments solution company, Due has a suite of products designed to help your business grow steadily through improved billing processes, better time management, and advanced financial technology that fuels our digital wallet and domestic and international credit card processing products.


With Due your entire billing and payment system can become automated, removing paper and people from the process, you will gain significant efficiency while allowing you to focus on your core capabilities. This will increase your business efficiency and productivity. So, I hope that you will give it a try and do share your experiences with us.

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