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ShareASale A best affiliate Network.

Affiliate program is considered as most the best and lucrative way to monetize your site. You can earn residual income from affiliate programs. Hundreds of pro bloggers making 5figure income from affiliate programs. As we all know that there are plenty of affiliate networks out there some of them are Commission junction, Clickbank, Clickbooth etc.

But ShareASale is one of the best and leading affiliate networks. Started in 2000 and have more than 3500+ advertisers and millions of publishers across the globe. ShareASale is capable to cover any niche that means you will get advertisers of any niches with decent commission structure. In the past few years bloggers and publishers shows interest in joining ShareASale affiliate program compare to other networks.


So, why you join the ShareASale affiliate program? What are the benefits of joining it?

This is an obvious question which may arise in your mind. So, let’s check some of the features and benefits to become a ShareASale affiliate.

Easy Sign up process:

Compare to other affiliate networks ShareASale provides easy sign up and approval process. You have to provide accurate details to expedite your approval process like your website details, your personal details, your marketing strategy etc. If you have a email for your domain name than it is highly recommend to use that email for sign up it will increase the chances of getting approval quickly. ShareASale approves account within 72 hrs.

User friendly control panel:

I didn’t find their control panel so confusing. Their affiliate control is very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can easily update your accounts details, apply for advertisers, send advertisers email etc. Without any problem.

Detailed Analytics.

ShareASale provides most detailed and precise analytics data. You will get detail information about your sales, traffic and conversion rates.

Timely Payments:

You will get your payments in timely manner without any delay. If you have complete your threshold than they will release your payment on 20th of the following month. For example if you reach your payment threshold in 20th of January than you will get your on 20th of February.

Excellent customer support:

If you have any problem or queries regarding your affiliate account than their customer support team is highly helpful to you. You simply have to send an email to their support department and you will get reply in less than 72 business days.

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These are some of benefits you will get to become their affiliate. Now let’s check how to sign up their affiliate program? You can sign up their affiliate program in following three steps:

 ShareASale affiliate sign up

Step 1.

ShareASale affiliate signup form consists of five steps where you have to fill the details. Click here to open their sign up page. Now fill the information in all the fields accurately. Now move to the next step. Here you have to insert your personal details like your name, address, phone number etc. Now on third step you have to put your website details and your marketing details as well. Make sure you have put the right and most accurate details.

Step 2.

In step two you have to confirm your account by verifying your email. You have to check your email id and have to click the verification link.

Step 3.

When you confirm the verification link, you have to wait for 72 hrs. If your account get approved you are able to login your account by the details you have provide during sign up process.

These are the simple steps to sign up their affiliate program. Whilst you have to provide accurate detail of yours and your website. Don’t sign up their affiliate program with a website which you don’t own. If you do that your account will never get approved. Also do not add too much banners or advertisements to your website before applying their affiliate account.


These are some of the benefits of using ShareASale affiliate program. So, if you are looking for best affiliate programs than you must have to join their affiliate program. Let me know what you are thinking of ShareASale affiliate program. Just drop a comment below.


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