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10 content writing trends that are too much popular in 2017

Content writing is a great platform for online businesses where they can introduce themselves and attract to the target audience and also make their audience to take positive actions for them. Content writing or we can say content marketing are getting so much popular on the internet.

Nowadays, almost every business whether it is small or big are focusing on content writing to promote their products and services. Companies do not sell their product directly through the content writing. But they make your prospects ready to buy their product and also content writing helps your online business in number of ways. Content writing has become a very strong part of online marketing strategy. Many companies are getting leverage from the power of content writing.

10 content writing trends that are too much popular in 2017

Top Ten Content Writing Trends that are going to become popular in 2017:

In 2017, content writing is going to be more unique, sweeter, shorter and punchy.

  1. Brands will be more Creative with content’s format

In the beginning content writing was just limited to E-books, bogging and other kind of written content that generates email subscribers. But now because of tough competition companies have to find some new ways to present content writing to their customers. This is the reason that has motivated to business industries of entire world that they will   bring creation in their content. They will work hard to make it possible and make their format more creative and also they will focus on using some new and creative visual effects in their content writing.

  1. Messaging will be more Niche

In 2017, companies will focus on niche market to target. They will target a large group of audience but they will divide their audience into niche groups so they can easily and effectively develop interest and attract their target audience.

  1. We will see more Video Content

Marketers do agree with this fact that people get more effectively attracted by watching videos. Audience gives much attention on visuals rather than written content. Marketers have predicted that there will be 74% traffic on video content in 2017.

  1. Content Marketing will be more common than other marketing

Its 2017, where we have number of ways to market services and products and also there are many marketing techniques that are using to reach target audience. But due to frequent growth in content writing industry, content marketing will be the most focused tool for all companies in 2017.

  1. Consistent Engagement of audience

Marketers are focusing to find out effective ways through which they can achieve maximum outcomes and response from their target audience. In 2017 marketers will introduce some different and efficient ways through which they can keep engage their audience with their products and services.

  1. Companies will update their content regularly

As we discussed above that competition is getting difficult and challenging for all business so they have to take some serious actions in marketing side. In 2017, marketers and companies will be going to update their content on regular basis.

  1. Documented Content Strategy

There are many big companies who don’t have documentation of content writing strategies that is the drawback in their marketing side. In 2017, many companies will be going to take serious steps in the documentation of content writing strategy.

  1. Brand will be focused on fewer Social Channels

Due to everyday innovations and advancements on internet the circle of social channels are getting larger. Now there are number of social channels that are connecting people across the world but only few channels are effective and efficient for the business purpose. So, there will be only fewer social channels that will be using for a content writing in 2017.

  1. Replacement of writer by robotic devices

Due to frequent advancements in technology, everything has been changed. In 2017, it is considering that many companies will be moved from writers to robots. So, the work will be more effective and efficient and it also will be save their time and cost.

  1. Focus on quality instead of quantity

Quality always wins the argument over quantity. Marketers have finally got the ending point that quality of content always works as compare to its quantity. Quality of content always gets attention of audience while the quantity of content loses the attention sometimes. So, it has been decided that in 2017 the companies will work on quality instead of quantity.

There is a frequent growth has seen in the content writing industry in recent years. Digital marketing agencies are now seriously focusing on content writing because of its immense growth and acceptance in the market. Internet is the biggest platform for all companies to make their business more profitable and effective.  Internet is also the greatest source of information, because people use it to get information about anything; from their academic purpose to health benefits and also it provides information about any services, products and places, it’s like you just name it on the particular websites like search engines and you will get relevant and reliable information about it. These upcoming trends will create more challenges for the business world and bring more advancement on internet and in its usage for personal and business both purposes.

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