10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business (2018)

Looking for ways to market your small business can get quite taxing, especially if you are short of marketing funds. Good thing social media is here.

With excellent use of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, public engagement becomes easier to win. One essential way to attract potential customers is to get Facebook followers. When you gain a significant following, that’s how you can penetrate customers’ interest. But how?

10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business (2018)

Below are tips on how to market your small business using Facebook:

  1. Produce Quality Content

While quantity is important to make people aware that your brand exists, you should pay more attention to quality. Aside from publishing content that markets brand, you can also post informative articles related to your business.

Let’s say you have a small clothing business. You can post tips on how to identify what type of clothes fit a certain figure. You can also post an article about choosing the perfect shades for one’s skin color. You can get Facebook followers by posting interesting and engaging content as it can encourage conversation and curiosity among your audience.

  1. Add Humor to Your Posts

Nobody wants to read long and boring content. When posting on Facebook, do not be leery about adding humor. One study revealed that humor contributes greatly to viral advertisements.

You are also sure to get Facebook followers as funny posts are proven effective in stirring a positive emotional reaction from people. However, you should remember to keep your posts tasteful and avoid unnecessary controversies.


  1. Plan Your Posts Ahead

To make your social media presence a success, you should post consistently. Fans are less likely to engage themselves in brands that do not regularly update their Facebook page as it will appear stagnant. This is where planned posts play an important role.

If you want to regularly publish content, but you are not sure about your free time, you can plan your posts ahead of time. Lining up your content ahead of time will not only save you from a negligent lull, your audience will also get the impression that your brand is active.

  1. Use Facebook Live

You will be surprised to know that online shops in some countriesutilize Facebook Live well in marketing their products. And you can, too.

According to Livestream Statistics, live video attracts more brand audiences. It was revealed that 80% of people prefer to watch a brand’s live video than read their blogs. A bigger percentage of 82% would also rather choose to watch a live video from the brand than read their social media posts.

You can get Facebook followers by going live as your audience can interact with you real-time. This feature allows you to respond to your audience right away while you’re live on Facebook.

  1. Respond to Messages Quickly

It is important to always make your customers feel important. Facebook displays how responsive a page is to messages. This indication can have an impact on potential customers’ decision to message you for inquiries or appointments. Your ability to respond quickly likewise indicates your professionalism. You can increase your audience and get Facebook followers by showing customers that you are always free to help.

  1. Create Teaser Promotional Videos

One way to market your brand is through promotional videos. You don’t need to spend too much money to film this as you can make use of your mobile phone. You can search for tips on how to produce a promotional video content on the internet or ask a friend who’ve got skills. You don’t need to produce an hour video, a five-minute video will do.

Then, create teaser ads from this promotional material. By creating teasers on the products you are about to launch, you are stirring excitement among your customers. This is a great strategy for your post, and potential customers can have something to look forward to.

  1. Share Client Testimonials

Potential buyers want to be assured that they will get their money’s worth. This is where client testimonials become important. Sharing the testimonials of your customers is a great strategy to build trust and confidence among your potential clients.

Positive customer feedbacks can encourage other potential buyers to consider your brand for their next purchase. Testimonials give people an idea what to expect from your brand and the products or services you offer.

  1. Publish Compelling Images

People are easily drawn to anything attractive. Quality images are important if you want to get Facebook followers, too. Images that stand out break through the volume of ads people see every day.

To make sure that your image will be easily noticed, try using photo editors to come up with an image story. You can also upload images that are striking to capture the attention of your audience. Just be sure not to overdo it. It will also be better if you will adopt a uniformed texture or vibe to your images so that your customers can differentiate you from all the other brands.

  1. Deal with Criticisms Appropriately

Usually, when you are confronted with criticism, the natural thing that you want to do is to retaliate. It is likewise tempting to delete negative comments or feedback, but this should not be the scenario.

Responding rudely to a negative remark can backfire and make you lose the trust of your past and potential clients.

What you can do instead is to respond with courtesy and respect, and let your clients know that you acknowledge their message and will address the concern as soon as possible.People trust brands more who can own up to their mistake and are willing to make amends.

  1. Link Other Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to collect traffic juice is to link your other platforms. This will help inform your fans that they can look for you in other platforms should a problem occur in your Facebook page. This strategy will likewise boost the exposure of your brand.

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  1. Humor moves folks into action on FB Divine. Love these tips. I add a dash of humor here and there to boost engagement. Facebook peeps love a funny joke and share or comment on these updates. Yep; small business or blogging-wise too. Vish knows what I am talking about, with my funny travel stories and blogging LOL.


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