10 of the Best Plugins to Add “Call to Action” to Your WordPress

How much it costs to get another person’s attention! True? Whether you’re a beginner on this WordPress or an experienced webmaster, I’m sure you’re looking to catch the attention of your users. In fact, I dare say, if you have a web page, blog or online store, you already have one to several CTAs (call to action or call to action), but they do not end to surprise your visits and capture leads. In fact, your marketing strategy will not succeed unless you know how to include them in your website.

Anything you can imagine depends on the buttons or call-to-action zones: followers, goals, revenue, leads, subscribers and a long, etc. These calls to action are so important, influential and essential resources for the success of any online marketing initiative that you can not afford to turn a blind eye to. Therefore, in this guide, I explain your importance and I show you a selection of those, for me, are the best plugins to add a “Call to Action” in your WordPress installation.

What is a Call to Action and what is it for?
The call to action is an appeal to users, inviting them to respond. In a digital world, the CTA is usually a button that requests a user to click. The conversion is simply to get someone to answer to some kind of call to action. A CTA is said to succeed when it results in a conversion.

There are literally thousands of different types of calls-to-action or calls to action. You can use a CTA whenever you want the user to do something or expect an interaction on their part. A CTA can be used to encourage a user to do something, either download an Excel sheet or PDF, fill up the form, buy a product, or just takes to another page.

It can be said that the CTA is the link between the regular content that the user consumes and a landing page with an attractive, and exciting offer that is relevant enough to persuade him to complete a form or take action. Here are some of the most common types of calls to action:

  • Purchase buttons/Add to cart.
  • Forms of data collection.
  • “Read more” buttons.
  • “Try it now” buttons.
  • Buttons to share on social networks.
  • Help button (although now the “online chat” is used).

Do they sound right to you? Whether you own a website or not, I’m sure you’ve come across many calls to action of this kind. In fact, you have done so in different parts of that website, for example:

  • Header (or welcome bar).
  • Pop-ups the slides.
  • Side panels or opt-ins.
  • Sales pages.
  • At the bottom of the page, product or post.
  • In advertising ads.

Essential components of a Call to Action
The purpose of adding a CTA is to entice a visitor to take a particular action that will benefit you. You must be creative, attractive and persuasive to meet your goal: download a document, fill out a form, subscribe and a long, etc. There are three key features of a call to action :

  • What it says (text).
  • Where is (placement).
  • How it looks (shape and colors).
  • How it appears (effects).

Best WordPress Plugins to Add Calls to Action

In the realm of online marketing, CTAs do not lose interest. They have been an important part of the system for years and have evolved a lot. By default, there are few areas to add calls to the action in WordPress (the most common sidebar), which is why you need to know third-party solutions, either as a template or a plugin. If the template you have chosen and installed for your website does not offer some feature that interests you, then it is time to lean on other options. That’s why I leave you the best WordPress plugins to add CTAs.

Call-to-action Bar – FREE
This plugin adds a simple block at the head of each of your WordPress pages with a lovely call to action button. You can apply it to improve the market for your product or show some relevant information to your visitors. You can customize the background and colors of the bar text to your own tastes.

Easy Social Share Buttons – $ 19 (1 WEBSITE)
I have looked for a social exchange plugin that suits me, my needs and those of my site. I have come to think about paying a developer to develop a custom plugin but, thankfully, I found this complete WordPress plugin. Which also allows you to add calls to the action in your WordPress. Some of its most outstanding features like 12 social networks, 12 native social buttons to “like,” follow and subscribe, social fan counters, 12 pre-built templates, shortcodes, social metrics and much more.

Hello Bar – FREE (25 CLICKS / MONTH) / $ 4.95 (100 CLICKS / MONTH) / $ 49.95 (7,500 CLICKS / MONTH)
It is a straightforward plugin that allows you to copy and paste your Hello Bar code from your page directly to your WordPress interface. It is a great alternative to the use of popups since the latter has fallen in popularity for many. The bars of this plugin is less intrusive but effective. This means that you can present an accurate message to your visitors, without distracting them from what they are actually seeing. Using for beginners is effortless. All you have to do is write the URL of your page, and you will be guided in how to create publicity, install bar codes and much more. Integration with email ensures that your inbox is synchronized with the most commonly used email services.

Monarch – FREE
It is one of the plugins of social media more popular WordPress which offers a comprehensive solution as you want to boost your social media. If you want to grow your online business, you must provide a solution to your users so that they share your content on their different social networks. A plugin like Monarch makes the process really easy for any WordPress site. It is handy and is full of features, it offers several different designs for sharing buttons as well as positioning these. This theme comes with a handy and easy to use interface where you can customize the social networking options on your site.

OptinMonster – BASIC ($ 9 / MONTH) / PLUS ($ 19 / MONTH) / PRO ($ 29 / MONTH)
Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to which you can add opt-ins to your page, web or blog? Optinmonster is a cheap and very optimum solution. It allows you, in a very visual and easy to use the platform, to create different options for picking up emails easily and quickly. Also, it has multiple design templates and the ability to customize a template with HTML and CSS. You can perform Test A/B and integrate the result with the best-known email marketing providers.

Read More: Increase your Email Subscribers using OptinMonster

This plugin with more than 50 shortcodes, makes it easy to create buttons, sliders, different boxes, spoilers and more. Once you install it, the generator has it available in the WordPress, post editor. Just click on “insert shortcode” and select the one you want. Among its features are its CSS editor, which is responsive, works with any theme besides being easily extensible.

Simple Side Tab – FREE
Simple Side Tab is a free plugin for WordPress that adds a call to the global action on your site linking to another page. Unlike other plugins, you can only add a message, positioned in a vertical tab to the right or left of the browser window. The tab remains as your visitor navigates the page, so it is always visible and ready for action. As its name says, Simple Side Tab is easy to use and configure. From a simple screen of configurations, you can put the text, choose your fonts and colors, and link to the page. Simple Tad Side is an effective way to address traffic to a particular landing page.

Thrive Leads – $ 67 (1 SITE) / $ 97 (5 SITES) / $ 147 (15 SITES)
Thrive Leads is a payment plugin that makes it easy for you to create subscription forms to be attractive and conversion- oriented, all without touching code. It offers you a wide variety of templates, and the customization of the same is done by drag and drop and also clicking on the different options of each element and modifying what you want in each case. In fact, it is, after all, nothing more than the use of Content Builder but oriented to the maximum on the subscription forms. Among its features is the option to test with different types of form and the Smart links that display different content to existing subscribers.

Thrive Ultimatum – $ 97 (1 SITE) / $ 147 (5 SITES) / $ 399 (15 SITES)
Thrive Ultimatum is a plugin for WordPress that promises to boost your conversions by applying the most effective marketing principles: the urgency. We are all afraid of losing it. When we see the “limited offer” sign or see a countdown accountant, we feel obligated to buy. We can not resist that call to action. When you add the sense of urgency to your CTA, you can take your conversions to a new level. This plugin comes with a series of professionally designed templates. You can choose from regressive timers, widgets and banner ads that are meant to make your visitors take action. Each template is customizable with its intuitive visual editor. Just click to edit any item, choose custom colors, background images, fonts and more. It is full of functions to serve all types of campaigns. For example, offers 7 days, special Christmas, and the end of the month.

WordPress Calls to Action – FREE
This plugin is free, but do not let it free make you think it is bad. It gives webmaster the ability to monitor and track conversion ratios, perform A/B testing, or do multivariate CTA testing. This plugin developed keeping in mind of inbound marketing & will help you get more leads on your site. It comes with a selection of pre-created templates. You can use it to just have installed the plugin or use the visual editor to customize them. You can also create your own templates thanks to the HTML / CSS editor.

WP Notification Bar Pro – FREE / PREMIUM ($ 29.)
It is a plugin to alerts and notifications for WordPress that displays a message on your site. It’s good because it can help you grow your mailing list, manage marketing promotions, increase your followers on social networks or increase the audience for specific pages on your site. It is effortless to use, it offers unlimited notification bars with various types of notifications. You can choose an absolute or fixed position in addition to the colors. They have support for HTML and 18 different services for social networks.

Attention! Take advantage of these add-ons to get the attention of your users
What do you think? Are you already trying one? If you have doubts about a call to action that you have just incorporated into your website or blog, what you can do is try with several designs and see which works best. Ask your users which ones you liked the most and value your answers to implement the one that best suits your website.

In this way, you will create an attractive call to action for your audience that will undoubtedly receive more clicks, which is their primary objective. This will guide you to the landing page you want to perform an individual action, either to buy something, to download something valuable or just to fill out a form. What are you waiting for? It’s time to install some of these plugins for WordPress and start getting leads and sales on your site with the help of calls to action.

Your turn! How do you do to attract the attention of your visitors to your website, blog or online store? Do you have a trick to get more leads? Do you have any experience you want to tell? Did you have any doubts or questions? Then I ask you to leave a comment. It does not matter whether it is doubt or a simple thank you, but I will be delighted to read it and answer it.

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