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10 tips for enhancing your Social Media Followers

Social Media Marketing is considered to be the top online marketing strategies that help in generating more number of leads and reputation due to its cost effectiveness, versatility, long term growth and its versatility.

When you have more audiences, you are in a responsibility to engage them with the info they needed relating to your niche, and it’s 100 % assured to get the higher ROI for every post you publish.

What can turn your social media to be the ultimate lead generation machine? It’s undoubtedly the followers on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

I have seen persons going behind purchased social media followers, but they are not going to provide you the reach, most of the followers you get will be either low quality or fake. Here are few tips you can follow to improve your social media followers with ease.

Knowing the right time to post

You need to know what is a good time to post on social media to grab more followers; this can be found easily through your Google analytics custom report. Publish a post on different times and check when are your niche related audiences active for posting more updates, this will increase your followers.

Adding Social Profiles to Mail Signatures

If you are running a website, business or any other related product site, you will be required to send more emails throughout the day. Your email is also one of the effective ways to promote your social media profiles.

Enhancing your social media links to your signatures will help in getting more number of followers related to your niche. Who doesn’t like to enjoy the benefit that you get through free promotion?

Making use of Relevant Hash Tags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to grab followers, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Using appropriate hash tags along with keywords will help in achieving your followers. Keywords are not the ones that you are trying to rank; it’s the keywords that people search for.

For, example if you are going to promote an article in any of the social media sites, then you need to make sure whether the users will be able to find out the article through the keyword you are trying to use. Using inappropriate keyword along with hashtags will lead negative impacts, so be careful in choosing the keywords while promoting.

Active Presence

Creating social media profiles for your business or website is not just enough to attain the targeted followers, you need to stay active and post useful elements that your niche audience will love to grab out some supporters.

The items you publish need to be informative and attractive so that your audience will share your post to their social media profiles and therefore there are high chances for followers to your site. If you are not having enough time for publishing various posts, then you can check out few programs that will help you in sharing the posts at the right time.

Live Feeds

8 out of 10 people are having smartphones, internet connection, etc., the present trending element in the social media profiles are the live feeds. You can make use of the live streaming to capture your targeted niche followers. You can host a question and answer session so that engaging with the users can be easily done.

It’s important you go live at the time where all your targeted audience will be active on the social media so that there are high chances for likes and shares.

Social Sharing Icon on Blogs

Make sure you are installing social sharing icons on all your blogs and websites so that each time you publish a post, it’s get shared along with your social media and this being one of the great reason to capture more followers.

Active participation’s

Once you have created the social media profiles, it’s important you stay active to achieve the targeted audience and followers. Make sure you are performing the following activities for the positive impact.

  • Comment on another user post so that they come to know about you in detail.
  • Getting involved in group discussion is another way to grab followers.
  • Follow account that relates to your niche
  • Make sure you are answering all the queries the customers keep on your blog or post.
  • Keep engaging with influencers for more followers.

Make use of Good Content

Just an informational content on your blog or social sites is not enough to attain the respective audiences; you also need to include few images, graphics based videos and infographics related content so that people love to prefer over your blogs and social media profiles for more information.

Get Featured on External Publishers

The recent trending content marketing strategy in the present is getting featured on the external publications. Start writing guest posts on other blogs and get a link to your site as a backlink so that there are high chances for increasing your brand visibility, also including social media profiles in author’s bio will lead to more targeted audience follow up.

Be Unique

Your content, the way of presentation and other techniques you follow for promoting your blog or website should be unique from the competitors so that you will be followed more and can be a leading one in your niche.

Bottom Line

Following all these simple methods for your website or blog will help in attaining more followers for your social media profiles.

What other techniques are you following to bring out social media followers for your site?

Author’s Bio

Mohammed is a leading massage therapist who runs a group of spas in United States. He writes on various topics in his blog massagerland .



  1. Thanks Vishwajeet for sharing an informative post about enhancing social media followers. I have read your previous post on organic ways of increasing social media followers which is also very informative.

    I normally share posts on social media groups which is a great source to generate good traffic and increase followers.

    Thanks once again for this great post.

  2. HI Vishwajeet, I like to add embedded tweets to some of my posts and / or Facebook posts. If I mention others I also tag them so they are aware of the mention in the post.
    I also use Brand24 so I know when others mention my name or brand on social media and in posts. It’s really a great tool for that.
    I also try to mix up my sharing – not all links and not all the same on each network. It gets boring when you see a brand share the same thing all the time on each of their networks.
    Great topic! Have a good day Vishwajeet.

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