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10 top tips for being a successful copywriter

  • Know the landscape: From the last decade, online content is growing rapidly due to which demand for copywriters has increased tremendously. Search engine optimization is the main basis of it. Its main purpose is to attract customers to buy services through the well-written copy on the company’s website. Apart from this, browsers are attracted to companies’ websites because it works to bring the website to the first place in Google’s search ranking. In addition, net advertising and marketing are among the fast-growing sectors. Therefore, the writers who understand the social media, SEO, and various forms of digital marketing those can go ahead.

If you need more help to know how content creation fits into online advertising and marketing, you can check out Moz.com, Copyblogger.com, and EConsultancy.com.

  • What kind of copywriter you want to be: There are many types of jobs available for the copywriter which includes scripting TV advertising, writing direct mail, press releases, brochures or other types of business literature. On the contrary, over the past decade, there are some jobs whose demand is very high such as web editor, SEO copywriter, and content manager. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to find out what type of copywriter you want to be. After choosing, become a master in it.
  • Great headlines: For being a successful copywriter, this thing is most important because no one likes to read weak headlines. It is found that if you are using obscure and rude headlines in the content; your content is not read even when it is good. Even if you have viewers, your content needs great headlines to maintain their focus. On the contrary, if your content is constantly running weak then good headlines do not help in it. So you may have to work a lot to increase the number of viewers. You can also increase their number with the help of shares and links. If you want more help to write good headlines, you can check out free Ebook on writing headlines.
  • Develop your big idea: It is very helpful for a copywriter if he is not writing replete with factual information which is used to give direct answers to all questions. If such information is published those educates and entertain readers, so it comes with a big idea but for which you need to find more and more. However, it is not easy to find but if you keep it going, it is definitely possible.
  • Do not make boring: It is very necessary and noticeable thing for the copywriter because the copywriter is, to tell the truth, but this is the art of making the truth attractive. You know it very well that if the audience is boring with your content then they will not buy your product. Therefore, in order to sell products, it is necessary to create interest in them. Perhaps you would have known David Ogilvy who worked on this basis and remained champion for a long time. He looked at many things to make the content attractive such as using the big idea, great imagination, and controversy. Apart from this, you can also use personality and humor in it. Thus with the help of all these, you can make the content more attractive which will definitely prove to be helpful in making you successful.
  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes: It is also very important to be careful about spelling and grammar. If you are working as a copywriter or are applying for it, so you should make sure that you have checked the application before publishing. In fact, read it aloud once before sending it to someone. In addition, you can get more help from Grammarly. It is a good website to help correct the grammar part.
  • Do the research: The person who is a strong researcher is the best copywriter. They keep on searching until they find some valuable or informative. According to John Caples, you should collect 5 times more interesting information that you can use. You can also follow this suggestion for official content. Sites like Abe are also helpful for getting information related to your topic. In fact, you should go to rare and obscure resources because it is difficult for most readers. Apart from this, big ideas come from compulsive research, which requires sufficient time and creativity.
  • Include a call: Knowing about the audience’s response can also be helpful for the copywriter. The call is such part of the copy through which the audience is told that what kind of feedback do you want for your ad? This creates a sense of urgency. What to do next, instructions are received for this. Through the call, the viewers can get information about the advertiser’s website.
  • Focus on “you,” not “we.”: The way to address customers also keep in mind during writing. You can also use pronouns for this. Therefore, if you use the second person for explaining your idea, your article will be easy for customers to understand.

About The Author:

Anoop Nain is a content marketer and health blogger who is currently working with rehabtip.com. He has covered the topics related to health, fitness, and lifestyle. He specializes in condensing complex health information into easy articles that are understandable to the readers of his niche.


  1. Hi Anoop and Viswajeet,

    Great tips to increase the capabilities to be the best in the industry. Agreed with you Headlines matters a lot, to make clickable. Doesn’ matter from Social Media or SERP’s results.

    A proper content structure and well rearched makes the content more readable. And the last point you have mentioned is gold, that matters a lot. “You” word, resembles and make it feel to the reader as if you are talking to him/her and that makes it get more involved with the content.

    Thanks for spreading value!

  2. Good article, What’s your take on if we use Spinning tool and then rechecking grammer and language manually after that.

    • Hi, Please don’t do that. It’s not healthy for your website. Google spending lots of money to get the best information for their users. They have scientist on big pay roll to create the best search engine algorithm. Google will catch you one day. Google is very smart and getting smarter everyday. So please drop this idea.

  3. Hi Anoop,

    Great tips, especially love the reminder about focusing on our headlines. I’ve actually been trying to do that for my blog headlines.

    I always make it a point to run all my headlines through CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

    It’s amazing to see the results of what I think would make a great headline only get a score of 40. So I definitely need to keep working on improving my headlines.

    It does take some time to get creative and come up with something that I think is good enough. Sometimes it takes me longer to come up with the headline than it does to create the actual article.

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you so much. I think you should use buzzsumo. It will save your time and help you to create a very good title.

      Also, you can try this as well. Go to your industry influencer’s blog or website. if they are using search tab in their site, search your keyword in it and you will find some good titles for your article.

      I hope it will help you.

      Thanks for your comment Susan. Means a lot to me.


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