11 Reasons Why Genesis Should Be Your Go-to Framework


If you’ve done some reading on WordPress themes and plugins, you probably have come across the Genesis framework by StudioPress.

Genesis framework comes crammed with a ton of benefits that’ll encourage you to use it for powering every one of your sites. And although Genesis takes a chunk out of your pocket, the expense is well worth it.

Now, some of you may argue that sites coded from scratch offer a greater performance & user experience.

In my defense: great frameworks like Genesis are created and refined by hundreds of developers for thousands of hours. And they once were coded from scratch too. And as the hard work has already been done, why not draw advantages from them?

Besides, frameworks do a great job of slashing down the cost and time for the majority of the sites being built today. With that fact stated, it makes a lot of sense to use Genesis all of a sudden, eh?

Over the course of this piece, we’ll go over 11 reasons why you should consider using Genesis. But before we do that, let’s clear off what the Genesis framework actually is.

What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis is a premium quality WordPress framework. It is a parent theme allowing you to use lots of child themes on it.


Let me explain.

genesis framework explain

Picture a car where WP is the engine, Genesis is the hardware and child theme is the paint job.

You can do numerous overhauls to this car, like – painting it red, white, blue – without having to touch the interior.  Genesis framework similarly serves as this interior.

And because you don’t have to make changes to the interior often, the process of updating and customizing your theme also becomes easier.

That said, you can use this framework alone as your website theme, although it limits you in a countless way. So it makes from 0 to very little sense to edit the parent theme to your suit.

Moving on… now we’re about to go over 11 concrete reasons why you should opt for the Genesis framework. Let’s get started:

11 Reasons for Using the Genesis Framework

Rock-solid SEO

As Studiopress is obsessed with putting out an SEO-optimized framework, they hired Greg Boser and Joost De Valk,  an SEO expert (and Yoast SEO plugin creator) to make sure the themes come out SEO friendly.

And when veterans like Greg and Valk take charge of your security, you can be more focused on the other aspects of your business.

Here’s what StudioPress has to say about security:

“Our themes have been fully search engine optimized by Greg Boser, search engine optimization pioneer, and industry expert. With automatic updates to the Genesis Framework, you never have to think about it again. Your code will always be up to date and fully optimized.”

(1) Superfast:

Using poorly-coded themes can slow your website down. And because loading time is a crucial SEO factor, you really need to keep your tabs on it. Take a look at this:

super fast

However, with the well-coded Genesis framework, you can rest assured you’re getting the most bang out of your site (unless you’re using a gazillion of plugins and images).

Plus, Studiopress is so picky and confident about speed that they prefer measuring it in milliseconds. That shows what an enormous amount of research and effort they are putting in to make this framework perfect.

Further, developers can easily pick up unfinished or modified pieces of Genesis themes. So if you ever decide to change your web development companies, you can do it without any worries.

(2) Schema support:

Aside from the speed, Genesis also supports Schema.org code. This allows you to put out microdata to improve your content understanding and categorization, skyrocketing your click-through rates.

(3) HTML5 Ready:

HTML5 is the latest web code used to make crispy websites. And the Genesis framework is built with and supportsthis HTML5 markup language.

Meaning it’d keep your site responsive, browser-compatible and mobile-friendly. In short, it’d withstand the test of time.

And as the majority of the people nowadays are surfing using smartphones or tablets, the importance of responsive and mobile-friendly couldn’t be any greater.

Bombproof Security

(4) Hacker-repellent

WordPress is the most popular CMS out there. So it’s rational for hackers to figure out ways of breaching its security.

But Studiopress is extremely concerned about preventing hackers. Therefore, they hired Mark Jaquith, a security expert and a core WP developer for doing a security audit on Genesis.

In his words:

“It’s clear the StudioPress team made security a priority when developing the Genesis Framework. From a security standpoint, it’s at the top of its class and follows WordPress security best practices.”

And for the record, not only the framework, every child theme is tailored keeping the security in mind. Because, let’s face it: when you’re building an empire online, you can’t risk it being swept away by a nasty hacker or bot, can you?

With all that said, yes, I agree that no site on the internet is 100% secure. However, relying on Genesis is your best bet as their security is updated frequently and is kept in check by security veterans.

Top-notch Support, Unlimited Updates & Sites

Unlike other organizations, Studiopress offers you a lifetime of support and updates. This is important because a ton of organizations out there are charging users monthly/annually.

(5) Unlimited support:

If you run into a problem with Genesis, you can create a support ticket at Studiopress or ask for help at their forum. Their forum is full of bloggers, developers, and designers solely dedicated to helping you eliminate such problems.

(6) Unlimited safe updates

The Genesis framework has already gone through many updates since the time it was launched. However, with Genesis theme, you don’t have to stress over losing your customizations while updating WordPress.

That’s because the changes will happen to your surface child themes, not the core framework.

This means no design breaks or hours of cleaning up after updating anymore.

(7) A ton of tutorials:

Studiopress offers you a ton of snippet codes and tutorial videos for understanding and customizing Genesis better. However, with the increasing amount of non-official tidbits, you rarely even have seek one-to-one official help.

(8) One time buy

You can use this framework on countless websites. YES, developers and marketers, that means no burning $$ every time you have to fire up a new site.

Extensively Customizable

(9) Exploding amount of child themes:

Child themes serve as the skins that make your site look different. And anybody today can use such themes to shoot up their site elegance without having to touch the codes. You can do complete overhauls to the child theme without laying a finger on the core framework.

If you simply visit their themes page, you’ll come across a number of customizable child themes compatible with Genesis.

Although you have the option of creating your theme from scratch, you really don’t need to because a ton of child themes will easily meet your needs.

This eye-pleasing collection of themes are clean and there’s something for every possible niche.

However, if you still don’t get satisfied, you can always hire a veteran developer at StudioPress to tailor out a child theme for you.

(10) Tons of specialized plugins and widgets:

Although Genesis supports all the usual plugins out there, it has a dedicated section of plugins to make customizing easier for you. The good news is that most of those plugins are free and can be found with a simple search.

These plugins are designed to save you the hassle of editing your theme files. And till this date, no other framework has provided this sort of dedication for easing up theme functionality.

Further, Genesis allows you to install a ton of widgets simply using the drag and drop method. Meaning that now you can showcase ads on your site without having any coding knowledge.

And as the dedicated plugins are updated often, you can rest assured that the developers are working hard to make things easier and more secure.


(11) The price is a steal for the value

Genesis doesn’t require you breaking your bank.

The framework alone will cost you $59.00. Throw in a child theme and you have a total of about $100.

And if you’re ambitious about building a ton of websites of different styles, you can grab their 60 themes package (plus all the future themes they make) and the framework for about $500. This approach saves you about $1,200 from buying them individually.

And as I can’t emphasize this point enough, let’s take a recap of the benefits you get using Genesis:

– Unlimited support, updates & sites

– Extremely customizable

– Top-notch security

– Built-in SEO

To Wrap Things Up

In the end, with Genesis framework by my side, I can finally rest assured that my site is in the best hands.

If you too want to develop hassle-free, top-notch websites, then Genesis is your go-to.

Have you ever tried Genesis? If so, how did you like it? Or are you planning to buy it anytime soon?

I’d like to hear anything you have to say.

So shoot me with your comments and opinions in the comment section below.

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