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3 Best Security Plugin for WordPress

Imagine what happen if you wake up in the morning and visit your site. Your site has been hacked and you lose the control of it. How freaking it will be… It will be a big nightmare for you. Few days ago one of my friend’s blog has been hacked by hackers and he loses control of it.

WordPress is no doubt having some great features and functionality to start a blog. But you cannot ignore the importance of security of your blog. Revolution of the Internet gives us the opportunity to start our online business from the comfort of our home. But as you know that coin have two face and it also applies to online world.

In this article, I am going to tell you 3 best security plugin for WordPress which help you to secure your WordPress blog. So, let’s get started:

#1.  All in One WP Security Plugin.

 all in one wp security

This is one of the best plugin I have ever seen and I personally using it on my blog. The plugin comes with some overwhelming security features, which helps you to secure your WordPress blog from hackers and spammers.

All in one WP security is not only helping you to secure you blog but also help you to keep your site spam free. You can also block suspected IPs with a single click and seamlessly work with any WordPress plugin.

Here are some of the key features of using this plugin:

  • Stop user enumeration. So users/bots cannot discover user info via author permalink.
  • Protect against “Brute Force Login Attack” with the Login Lockdown feature. Users with a certain IP address or range will be locked out of the system for a predetermined amount of time based on the configuration settings and you can also choose to be notified via email whenever somebody gets locked out due to too many login attempts.
  • Enable manual approval of WordPress user accounts. If your site allows people to create their own accounts via the WordPress registration form, then you can minimize SPAM or bogus registrations by manually approving each registration.
  • Ability to add captcha to the WordPress’s user registration page to protect you from spam user registration.
  • Ability to add Honeypot to the WordPress’s user registration form to reduce registration attempts by robots.
  • Identify files or folders which have permission settings which are not secure and set the permissions to the recommend secure values with click of a button.
  • Protect your PHP code by disabling file editing from the WordPress administration area.
  • Easily view and monitor all host system logs from a single menu page and stay informed of any issues or problems occurring on your server so you can address them quickly.
  • Prevent people from accessing the readme.html, license.txt and wp-config-sample.php files of your WordPress site.
  • Monitor the most active IP addresses which persistently produce the most SPAM comments and instantly block them with the click of a button.
  • Prevent comments from being submitted if it doesn’t originate from your domain (this should reduce some SPAM bot comment posting on your site).
  • Add a captcha to your wordpress comment form to add security against comment spam.
  • Automatically and permanently block IP addresses which have exceeded a certain number of comments labeled as SPAM.

It also helps you to keep your content safe from content scrapers. You can also block invalid user names like admin, sitename, etc which hackers use to sneak in your WordPress blog. It also helps you to block spam traffic to your blog.

All in one Security plugin seamlessly helps you to protect your site from brute force attack, SQL Injection, and also blocked unwanted queries on your WordPress blog.

With this plugin you can block unverified or faked Google bots to crawl your site. Make sure that you only use this option if you have good technical knowledge on how bot works. Sometimes it also blocks the MOZ crawlers to access your site and it will create issues to update your DA and PA.

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#2. Wordfence


Wordfence is another great name in WordPress security. This is one of the best and popular security plugin for WordPress. Wordfence also comes with handful of security options. Some of the key features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Firewall blocks complex and brute force attacks
  • Security Scan alerts you quickly in the event of a security issue
  • Threat Defense Feed keeps Wordfence up to date with the latest security data
  • Robust login security features
  • Configurable security alerts
  • Gain insight into traffic and hack attempts
  • Security incident recovery tools
  • See live traffic of your site including bot visits as well.

The major drawback of this plugin is that most of the security features are available to the premium version.  If you are on shared server enabling the live traffic mode and made huge load on your database and server which will create issues with your site performance.

So, if you are on shared hosting, it is better that you off the live traffic view option.

Wordfence Security is able to repair core files, themes and plugins on sites where security is already compromised. You can follow this guide on how to clean a hacked website using Wordfence. However, please note that site security cannot be assured unless you do a full reinstall if your site has been hacked. We recommend you only use Wordfence Security to get your site into a running state in order to recover the data you need to do a full reinstall. If you need help repairing a hacked site, we offer an affordable, high-quality site cleaning service that includes a Premium key for a year.

#3. iThemes security (Previously known as Bullet proof Security)

ithemes security

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. iThemes Security works to lock down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials. With advanced features for experienced users, This WordPress security plugin can help harden WordPress.

iThemes Security works to protect your site by blocking bad users and increasing the security of passwords and other vital information.

  • Prevents brute force attacks by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts
  • Scans your site to instantly report where vulnerabilities exist and fixes them in seconds
  • Bans troublesome user agents, bots and other hosts
  • Strengthens server security
  • Enforces strong passwords for all accounts of a configurable minimum role
  • Forces SSL for admin pages (on supporting servers)
  • Forces SSL for any page or post (on supporting servers)
  • Turns off file editing from within WordPress admin area
  • Detects and blocks numerous attacks to your filesystem and database

iThemes Security makes regular backups of your WordPress database, allowing you to get back online quickly in the event of an attack. Use iThemes Security to create and email database backups on a customizable schedule.

Over to you

Being a responsible blogger, you cannot underestimate the risk of your WordPress blog. These 3 plugin are one of the best security plugin available in the WordPress plugin directory which helps you to make your WordPress more harden for hackers.

I always advice my readers to use a security plugin as it is now become a mandatory part of your blog. If you have any questions or queries about these plugins, just drop a comment. I also want to know your experience about these plugins as well.



About Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar is a passionate and full-time blogger. He is the Owner and Author of this blog. He started his blogging career in late 2016 and has written various articles on Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO etc. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.


  1. Hey Vishwajeet,

    All in one security is one of the oldest security plugins in the WordPress repository and people love using it.

    You can also use Sucuri and BulletProof security. iTheme Security plugin can confuse the beginners due to its settings.

    Glad to read the article. Keep going.

    • Hello Ravi,

      Indeed Sucuri and Bulletproof security is also best security plugins. Thanks for providing your valuable suggestion. I really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.

      Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. Hello Dear Vishwajeet Kumar,
    Thanks for sharing this great list of Best security plugins.I really like your post.It gives me lot of information about security plugins.
    thanks again dear for sharing this wonderful knowledge with us.

  3. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Great list of plugins to help people secure their blogs. Most of us don’t think about security, until it’s too late.

    I actually purchased the BulletProof Security plugin back in the day. I haven’t used it in a while. Maybe I need to take some time out today to get it installed on my blog again?

    I’ve also heard so many people say great things about Word Fence. I’ve personally never used it on any of my sites. I have used it on a client’s site and I have to admit it was extremely easy to install.

    WordPress security is so important. We spend so much time working on our blogs, the last thing we want is for something to happen to them.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together for us. It will definitely help people remember to focus on security.

    Have a great day 🙂


  4. Hi Viswajeet,
    Awesome list out there. My first choice is always WordFence.
    It is a great plugin will load of features. Even the free version provides a lot of security to the blog. It shows live activities too just from the dashboard.

    Security measures should be the priority. One should not be got wrong or ignore it all.
    Though, all plugins in the list got that potential. Never used ithemes security. Thanks for the handy list.


  5. Hey Vishwajeet,

    Thanks for visualizing the advantages of blog’s security in your post. Security is a must needed element for any business, no matter whether it is online or offline, but you can’t protect your blog with a physical lock. You have to go with some great software for keeping your blog spam free and here we have got three great antispam plugins.

    I have heard a lot about Wordfence but the rest of the plugins are also great. Yes, you are right, blogging gives us freedom and a comfort zone for working but on the other hand, it requires a lot of hard work and patience. You can’t let anybody to ruin all your efforts.

    Will keep those plugins in mind for protecting my blog from spammers and hackers in future. Thanks for doing nice research about the security plugins and sharing with us.


  6. Hey Vishwajeet!

    I might try the all in one wp security plugin. I use some plugins for security, plugins like the rublon and akismet.

    I know WordPress sites are easy target for hackers, that is why I’m using Rublon. It’s a two-factor authentication login. This is one of the best ways to protect your wp blog site from hackers. I do need to work more on other security aspects of my site. I might just use the first you have mentioned here.

    Thank you for sharing this man!

    Best regards! 😀

  7. Now i use wordfence security and akismet plugin and i will also try itheme security plugin for protect website.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Vishwajeet!
    Wordfence is working pretty good. it help me to remove the malware.
    Thanks for sharing this one.

  9. I use a few different plugins on different sites, wordfence, ip geoblock and defender.

    IP geoblock is excellent and a have to for local sites.

    In my opinion wordfence is a little over complex and some of the stuff you would anticipate to be inside the loose edition are pro fetures.

    Defender is a little light on capabilities, but wpmudev seem to pay attention well to their userbase so I’m searching forward to the day where defender does the whole thing, and configureable from wpmudev hub too…now that would be predominant for peeps that manipulate lots of sites.

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