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4 Expert Tips To Help You Create An Appealing Homepage Of Your Blog!

While a blog’s content is what keeps readers coming back, its homepage is essential in attracting them in the first place. This is where anyone who visits your blog would first land; hence the term ‘landing page’. So to welcome readers to your blog, you need to work on our homepage.

Your homepage should have certain elements to it. For instance, it should reflect the theme of your whole blog, so that readers and visitors know what they’re getting. It also needs to be complete and clear, not confusing or untidy. Below are a few tips on how to go about creating an attractive homepage:

  1. Think About The Image

What exactly do you want to convey to your reader? The ‘exactly’ part of this question would vary according to your field. However, the question remains just as important.

You have a blog, so clearly you want to convey something. Your homepage is one of the most valuable tools you have of drawing in and interesting anyone who hops on your blog. Since you only have a fraction of a second before the viewer loses interties, it is imperative that you put some effort into your homepage.

For instance, if you want your blog to be family oriented, your homepage should have a ‘homey’ feel. It may have a picture of a house that looks like someone’s home instead of an empty mansion. Alternatively, you can put a few pictures of kids, parents, or rooms with a lived-in look.

Your homepage is your chance to interest people in what you want to say or show. Hence, be sure to pull in like-minded individuals with something that tell them what they’re in for.

  1. Showcase Your Logo

Your homepage may also showcase your own personal logo. Creating your own brand isn’t out of the question for the average citizen anymore. Your logo may also be used as a watermark for your original photos.

A logo on your homepage can not only ensure your work stays uncopied, but also make it a recognized brand. People would immediately know that they’ve come to the right place.

  1. Display Design

Your homepage could have several designs with which to get people into your blog and exploring on their own! You can really go crazy with how you design your homepage. However, you do have to decide whether or not a certain design would tie in with your blog’s orientation or not.

One option here is to create a gallery, slideshow, or carousel to showcase your work. This works best if you’re hosting a photograph-based blog, maybe with photography as your profession. You could also show off many of your creations this way if you’re a crafter. By clicking and viewing the images, your readers could get truly interested in what you have to offer.

Alternatively, you could simply have a welcome message and a few links to your best posts. This type of homepage works best if your work is writing-oriented. If you’re a content writer looking to get gigs, for instance, you can write something about yourself and link to your previous works. Your skill and quality of work would hopefully speak for themselves.

Basically, with your design, you make your homepage start working for you.

  1. Be Particular About the Essentials

Along with design, every good homepage should have certain features that help your readers navigate. Again, your end goal should be what defines these features. However, in every case, you should make sure that the viewers’ experience is as easy as possible. Internet users are notorious for their short attention span.

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For one, you should have clear and concise menus. There should always be a separate option for readers to visit and view your best content, achievement, awards, etc.  Secondly, the visuals should arrest the viewers. If you’re running a business blog, you don’t have to adopt somber colors. A couple of well-chosen and tasteful shades could give both a cheery and colorful look.

Your homepage should have a link telling readers about your blog, about yourself, along with what posts they can find. There should also be a link to a contact page or some contact information in a corner of the homepage itself. Additionally, there should be a sidebar with possibly a widget. Readers should also be able to navigate to the categories of your blog, as well as subscription options.

Another important element here is the social media icons. With a few icons like these, readers could share your content on their social media page, thus organically spreading the word.


When all is said and done, a homepage is your best bet for reeling in viewers. This is because even if someone does happen to click on a link and get to your blog, they could just as easily get turned off. An attractive homepage is hence essential if you want to get your message out there.

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