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4 Reasons that Quality Contents are Critical for your Business Website and SEO

Affiliated companies and business organizations launch their web application in the market to increase their online presence. With the vast usage of internet, companies are not only establishing their presence on the internet, but they are also expanding customer reach by developing mobile app versions for their website.

Now a days, majority of the customers buy products online. But to boost online product sales, companies require to increase their online visibility.  To improve the visibility in the searching engine, first companies should have a creative and a SEO friendly application. But for developing a SEO friendly application, companies require to hire professional PHP programmers for their WordPress application development.

The contents of a website post vary from one post to another, but the main aim of publishing the contents is to promote and expand the awareness of the brand and products. Most of the business companies fail to drive traffic to their blogs, because their posts either have no unique contents or they have low quality contents in their website.

Following are a few reasons that explains why every business company requires to publish creative and informative contents:

Google Give More Weight to Fresh Contents

Google Give More Weight to Fresh Contents

Google love fresh and unique contents that are updated frequently. The contents of the new website only appears in the searching engine result after Google bot index the website. There are two ways to index the website. First is to manually index it and second is to wait for the Google Bots to index the web pages automatically, but when a website is newly launched it could take a few months to get a website indexed.  Google bots frequently visit those websites,  where the website content are frequently refreshed but it does not mean that we should make any necessary changes in the website. It is also a wrong strategy to bombard your website with low quality contents because low quality contents divert your audience to competitor’s website.

Quality Content Generates more traffic and Promote Sales

Quality Content Generates More traffic and Promote Sales

Having low quality contents is the same as having no content at all.  Audience always hunt for quality and unique contents and if your website would possess the same contents as other website than users would not read your contents, which in return would only increase the bounce rate of your application.

Even google does not acknowledge the business applications that only exist in order to sale products. If you want to increase your product sales, than you require to boost your website traffic and it could only be possible when your offer something to the customers. If you want audience to buy a product from your company, then you need to offer them something in return. Offering high quality information would help you to keep the audience for longer period of time in your website. If audience would spend more time in your website, then they might like a product that is offered by your company and hence, it would also reduce the bounce rate of your application.

High Quality Content are Shared More Often

High Quality Content are Shared More Often

Audience does not only read quality contents, but they also share informative contents in their social media channels. Fresh and unique contents help business companies to grow and expand their reach to the audience. User always share informative, engaging, educational and insightful contents. So, the key to a successful marketing is to share educational contents with the users.

Types of contents that users share with their families, friends and relatives:

Video based contents: Users share audios and videos that they find informative in their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook social media platforms.

Text based contents: Text based contents are shared across twitter and Facebook.

Graphical contents: Posts that contain infographics and images drive more traffic to the business websites as compared to posts with zero images. Visual elements help the users to easily understand the contents.  Graphical contents can be easily shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+

Creating quality contents takes time and effort. It is a bad practice for the marketers to always create and share advertising posts about their product. Users do not like to read advertisements and if a website is bombarded with ads, then users would simply switch to competitors website. If you want audience to revisit your website then you need to add 50% marketing contents and 50% informative contents in your posts.

Adding High Quality Contents Enhance Usability

Adding High Quality Contents Enhance Usability

User always use websites that are easier to navigate and easy to use. It is certainly important to design a professional and a clean-looking website design, but only an attractive website design is not sufficient to attract the audience, usability is also vital for keeping the audience to your website.

If the website design would be easier to use, then it would be easier for the users to share the contents in their social channels. Additionally, integrating social media buttons in your website design also enhance the usability.

Even designing a clean and a professional looking website, could increase the conversion rate and website traffic. In addition to a clean website design, you also need to hire PHP programmers in order to design a SEO friendly website. SEO friendly website design is also important for boosting website rank in the searching engine.  Even adding quality information at the landing page improve the conversion rate and Return On Investment (ROI) of a business application.



High quality contents does not only boost product sales, but they also build credibility and authority with the audience and it also convince the audience to check the products that are sold by the company. Moreover, if users would love your contents, then even Google would acknowledge your website. Merely creating back-links are not sufficient to boost traffic, companies also require to frequently update their blogs and websites with unique contents in order to improve their rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

About The Author:-

Claire Anderson is working as Senior Digital Marketer at DynamoLogic Solutions. When it comes to internet marketing, web development and iOS and Android app reviews, she’s got plenty of stuff up her sleeves to share with the world.


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