4 Signs it’s Time to Pick a New Web Host

Poor hosting destroys blogs.

Great content cannot supercede poor hosting. How can someone see your content if your site is down more often than not?

Forget about site speed. Today’s Microwave Culture dictates readers head for the cyber hills after a few moments of wait time.

Toss in poor customer support and you’ve a Hellish Trio of hosting nightmares goading you to pick a new host.

How the process tends to work: new, fresh hosting companies with small customer bases offer a premium service. Fast load times and reliable hosting with virtually no downtime make for a cyber treat.  Customer service tends to be first rate too.

Gradually, small web hosting providers grow into bigger web hosting providers, taking on more clients and often times focusing on pinching pennies to scale effectively.

Unfortunately, some providers overload servers with as many customers as possible to save money, increasing site down time and lowering site speed. Stellar customer service becomes not too hot customer service, with response times growing and an overall lessening of skills and experience of staff.

Some big box hosts scale effectively but in many cases you’ll need to upgrade to a different hosting provider for a quality, seamless experience.

Honor these 4 warning signs that indicate it’s time to pick a new host.

1: Frequent Downtime

If you site is up about as frequently as when Haley’s Comet blows through it’s time to pick a new web hosting provider.

Frequent downtime indicates overloaded servers, a harbinger of more frequent down time to come.

Having experienced this red flag multiple times in my career I observe a shift in focus; big box hosting providers focus heavily on pinching pennies over maintaining 99.99% up times for customers.

Run, don’t walk, to the next web host if your site experiences frequent downtime. Google the common error messages to ensure your hosting provider is the cause of said errors, not some traffic surge.

2: Snail Like Loading Speed

Admit it; even if you’re no speed freak you sometimes ignore slow loading speeds because you want no part of changing hosts.

I’ve been in that rocky boat.

Even if you see a steady surge in traffic, unless a tidal wave of visitors floods your site quickly, beware persistent slow load times. Mark these snail like sessions as possible warning signs that a hosting company change is in order.

3: Poor Customer Service Response Time

In the beginning you may experience customer service response time in hours or even minutes.

But as companies scale the time spans days sometimes.

Hosting companies I’ve used that went south came up short in this department.

Big time problem. I’d open support tickets expecting a response within 24 hours. 48 hours would pass and still no response to both pressing and not as pressing issues.

Even if your site stays up virtually all of the time and loads quickly you cannot avoid site issues. Issues need to be addressed quickly to fix things fast.

Go with hosts offering excellent customer service response time. Even if you don’t submit a priority support ticket, customer service or tech support should respond within 24 hours to be professional and prompt.

4: Poor Quality Customer Service

This is the kicker.

If customer service is not skilled, experienced and offers poor quality support simply move on from the hosting company.

I recall a few specific incidents. Hosting companies became flummoxed when faced with certain issues. Meanwhile, blogging buddies of mine picked hosting providers who handled similar issues with ease.

To boot, customer service rarely owned server or other issues  when mistakes sat with the host.

Beware these hosting providers.

Start shopping around to find a good match.

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5 Comments on “4 Signs it’s Time to Pick a New Web Host”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    You are absolutely right. Poor web hosting ruins your blog. I still remember the days when my first blog ruined due to bad and poor web hosting provider. If you are serious about your online venture, you simply cannot ignore the importance of a good web hosting provider. Thanks for sharing these great insights here.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

      1. Hey Ryan,

        Thanks for writing this amazing post for my blog readers. I really appreciate it.

        Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. Great post as always Ryan,

    Nothing angers me like using a web host that has poor and inactive customer service. It can be really annoying.

    Also, have a continuous downtime is another big turn off for. In fact, once a webmaster notices any of the four things you mentioned, there’s a need to get a new web host immediately.

    Thanks for sharing.

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