5 Best Free Platforms for Creating the Blog.

For youngsters, blogging is a perfect opportunity to start a career without significant investment of time and money. In fact, to start a blog, a person needs an idea, an Internet connection, and basic understanding of how to use the Internet for personal benefits. Of course, growing into a successful blogger requires some time and full investigation of the field. However, for a beginner, it is enough to understand the basics of blog creation. One of these basic things is a choice of the platform for a blog.

There are different types of platforms for online blogs. Most of them are free although there are some platforms that require payments. In fact, even professional bloggers use free platforms for blogging as they provide a bigger audience and present more opportunities to attract more visitors.

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Types of platforms for an online blog

You should choose a platform for your blog only after careful consideration of the blog theme and choosing a way to present the information. If you want to provide mainly visual content, the platform will be different from when you want to present mainly text content. Besides, your target audience and the ways to communicate with your readers also have huge importance.

Today, there are several ways of running a blog. You can create a classic magazine-column-type blog with articles and some supporting visuals. You can also choose to be a photography blogger or a video blogger. Besides, there is a podcast blog type where you present only audio content.

Video blogs become more popular. Many classic bloggers decided to quit their previous activities and give it a try. Of course, not all the attempts were successful. Still, modern Internet audience more often prefers to watch and listen, not to read.

Platforms for blogging activity

Here, we collected 5 popular free platforms for creating a blog. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that depend on the way you want to communicate with your readers.


If you believe that the written word is more effective than a sword, choose WordPress as a platform for your blog. This is perhaps the most popular blogging platform that has been on the market since 2003. The advantages of using WordPress are multiple: it is easy to get started, you can find multiple templates for website design, it is connected to various plugins, also Google AdSense and Google Analytics which will help you monetize your blog and analyze the achieved results.

This is the best solution for individual bloggers and those who have no experience in creating their own websites.


To some extent, Tumblr is not a proper blogging platform. However, it has enough functions to attract the attention of the users. It combines features of the classic WordPress approach and Twitter mechanism. Authors use short posts accompanied by pictures or gifs. This is the best platform for entertainment format.


Launched in 2010, Instagram has offered absolutely new solutions for online blogging. Photo-sharing grew into something bigger. Bloggers started to use pictures for communication. In the world where time is the most precious thing, pictures became the best method to reach the audience quickly. Today, Instagram also incorporates the format of video blogging and classic text blogging. However, a text field is limited so that bloggers should be attentive to the size of the text under a picture or a video.


Twitter co-founders decided to make a step forward in presenting the information and give a try to a new blogging platform mainly aimed at journalists and writers. Medium does not have so many customization options as WordPress, and for some users, it may seem too simple and even a little bit old fashioned. However, Medium is the best platform for those who want to make textual content the king of the blog.


Video blogging is the newest and the most rapidly growing format of blogging. A few years ago, the first vlogs appeared. Their popularity was spectacular, especially if they were run by celebrities. Today, a blogger can become a celebrity with the help of their own Youtube channel. The areas for this field of blogging are various: games, beauty, cooking, etc. Besides, to become a video blogger, you do not need a professional camera or good skills. It is enough to have a GoPro to shoot the videos and learn some basic video editing principles.

Of course, you can combine different platforms for blogging and promote your other platforms on social media where your readers can follow you. The easiest way to do that is to add links and plugins to your profile and remind your readers of the alternative methods of following you online.

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