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5 famous people who got rich through-out of the box techniques

It is believed that ideas come to you when you least expect them. And if you are courageous enough to turn those ideas into reality, definitely you are going to make your mark.

Yes, you guessed right…Today we are going to talk about 5 people who got rich with out of the box ideas.

Have a gander and be inspired by them:

1. Gary Dahl: Pet Rock.

Who says, you can’t think while drinking. I bet this is the most righteous place to start your business. Just like Gary Dahl, who started pet rock business when he was at a bar drinking with his friends, anyone can become rich.

While he was drinking with his friends, they started discussing about the responsibilities of pet ownership and how difficult it is.

That was the moment he decided to work on his crazy idea and started selling pet rock just at $4. Within a year he sold 1.5 million of them and got rich.

 2. Alice Alonzo: Candles

People who have desire to do something great in life surely get path to reach there. This is the story of a house helper and tailor who was able to buy a 3 story building and send her children to a good school just by manufacturing candles.

She started her business with the capital money of P35,000 which she saved through tailoring. The manufacturing of candles were started as a family business but is now popularly known as Eastern Candles, which as of now produces more than 5000 candles daily.

She used recycles parts to make a machine and introduced Filipino to the whole new concept of candle designing.

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3. Tori Black: Pornstar

I think, I have grabbed your attention, right? The richest and one of the hottest pornstar in industry is Tori Black with the net worth of $1 million. I know that’s a huge amount.

At the age of 24, she was names as most facially attractive female performer in the industry by Loaded magazine. She has been featured in more than 290 adult films.

She was my childhood crush and I always wanted to be with her just once. Black is the 1st woman in the history to win two AVN Female Performer of the year awards.

She made her directorial debut with a video featuring Girls of the month of website Elegant Angels in June, 2014.

4. Trining Climaco: Garbage

This is most out of the box technique to earn money. Can you make money from garbage? Your answer would be nooo… But this girl named Trining Climaco became rich with the garbage you through everyday out of your house.

This millionaire dropped out of grade school and started working. She sorted through garbage, scrap metal and bottles and sold the junk. She along with her husband opened a junk shop and employed 3 workers to work for them.

She now has 3 trucks and 6 employers. Climaco also owns 3 storey house worth  2 million pesos. All her 8 children received good education from reputed colleges and the youngest one of them is a lawyer.

She says that the real treasure is in the garbage that people think as waste.

5. Alex Tew: Million Dollar Homepage

Everyone wants to get good education and become a responsible citizen. But only few are able to do so. Alex Tew is the name of person who had the desire to not only pay his college fee but also get some bucks to meet day-to-day need in 2005.

He thought of opting out for unconventional way to earn money rather than going for low maintenance one.  He accomplished  extraordinarily that totally changed his life, just in few months.

He started a blog with the name Million Dollar Homepage. He started pitching pixels to the people who wanted to started their own business or publicize the sites.

For every pixel he charged just $1 to the people who bought it. In only 4 months he was able to gain this first 1 million dollars. That sound crazy, I know. But this is exactly what he did.

Now he owns a start-up which goes by the name Calm to help the people who want to accomplish something in life.

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Final Thoughts

No matter how weird you idea is, always start with the thing you want to. Who knows what’s coming next… Maybe just like these 5 people, you may also become rich and start living a good life.

Concentrate on your work and you will definitely achieve that you have always wanted to.

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