5 Free Methods to get genuine Instagram Followers

Celebrity status has come a long way since black and white films and the glamours of the Hollywood of old.  Now, all it takes is a healthy social media account, and you can take over the world.  Being Instafamous may not be your personal life goal, but if you want to generate revenue for your business Instagram marketing needs to be an essential part of your marketing plan.

There are five critical steps to follow to bolster your Instagram page and gain traction in the social marketing world. If you follow all of these steps, you will see a significant difference in your Instagram marketing results.

5 free methods to get genuine Instagram Followers

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  1. Post visual and emotionally charged content—one of the most crucial rules in marketing is to appeal to emotion over need. Your Instagram marketing content needs to follow this same rule.  People like and comment on the things that move them. Consistently create content that allows and encourage your followers to bond with your posts no matter how frequently they may or may not be on Instagram.


  1. Post memes and pictures with verbiage—Everyone loves a good meme, including business people. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle these types of posts into your account, because they are guaranteed to generate likes. However, don’t recycle the same tired memes everyone has already seen.  Use new images and create new content to show your followers something fresh.  The really good memes go viral!


Pro Tip: turn on the ads feature for your Instagram Marketing account.  Push your favorite memes into the ether and watch the followers flock to your account.


  1. Follow relevant people—It’s not enough to like and comment on anyone and everyone. This strategy is useful for short-term and shallow growth. People will follow you back, but when they realize your content is not relative to them, they will stop liking and commenting, which based on Instagrams algorithms, means your content is no longer pushed to the discover page.  When it comes to Instagram Marketing quality over quantity is the course you want to take.  Follow the primary influencers of your industry.  You may not get as many followers in the beginning, but the likes and comments you do receive will better boost your Instapresence.


  1. Partner up with other influencers—This means more than merely tagging your BFF in a picture of the two of your together. This means reaching out to an influencer with a similar number of followers as you and coordinating with them to do a giveaway, contest, or other marketing events.  This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your social reach while encouraging interaction with your faithful followers.  A great way to generate participation and new followers is to have “entry rules” to participate in your collaboration.  For example: hopeful winners have to follow your account, follow your partner’s account and tag a friend in the comments.  This strategy will slowly grow your clout, giving your business the platform to partner with more well-known influencers in the future.


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Instagram marketing may feel like it’s all about followers, likes, and comments, and in a way it is, but there are depths of strategy involved.  You want your business to cultivate a healthy and consonant account so as you grow your following you are also increasing your reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable source.  The more people who trust you, the more people who are willing to buy into what you are selling, and ultimately, that’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

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Emin is a social media marketing specialist at Mellbe. He enjoys everything about social media and tries to be active as much as he can. On his free time he loves blogging, drawing and traveling.

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6 Comments on “5 Free Methods to get genuine Instagram Followers”

  1. Hi Emin,

    This are some of the best simple steps to grow your Instagram followers. It a good rule of thumb to follow other users in your niche to get a possible follow back.

    But engaging with your target market on Instagram is also an amazing way to grow your followers. You need to interact with them by liking their posts, comment meaningfully on their posts with the use of the right hashtags, etc.

    This will surely get you noticed and followed.

  2. Maybe now it’s time to switch Instagram. This site and app is great because it can connect with anyone and share anything. Thank you for sharing these tips. I enjoy reading this article.

  3. Hi Emin
    Instagram can really be effective if you use it properly. I have been using hastags and frequent updates and it is helping me so far.
    i will also implement your advice.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Bhawna, thank you for your comment, I am glad it is working for you! Wish you all the best in your IG marketing.

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