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5 Social Media Marketing Slip-Ups That Cannot Be Overlooked

Social media marketing stays at the core of online marketing services as the social media users are anticipated to grow 2.5 billion by 2018.

The leading businesses leveraging the social to widen the reach to the target users, enhance interaction, garner users’ feedback, get the smart insights and improve the brand’s presence.

There are a lot of social platforms like- Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and more that businesses use to execute the social media marketing strategy which has different digital audience penetration and users’ engagement.

 5 Social Media Marketing Slip-Ups That Cannot Be Overlooked

But, handling the social media marketing (SMM) is a beast because if not tackled well, it turns out to be equally disastrous for the businesses. It not only impacts the ROI, while put the brand’s image at the stake, which is quite difficult to repair.

The businesses that don’t want to set up themselves for failure need to create a plan and take proactive measures so that they can create the best impression on their users’ mind and make everything right with right SMM.

Lets take a glance at the social media marketing mistakes that may hinder your success:

  • Hopping onto SMM bandwagon without any plan

Creating social media influence is an art which demands time investment and the strategy to achieve the desired goals. But, when the goals are not set, expecting the good results is completely implausible and not great for the brand as well.

For instance: The company A has created a social profile on the platform to grab the users’ attention and no target was set like- ‘selling 1000 products in the next 30 days’, so no efforts are made in the direction like- posting, replying to users’ question and more. No social activity on the platform turns the business social page into a barren land that moves away the users. Later, when the business realizes the same, it will be too late to retain the users.

It’s all-important to set the goals first and then define the strategy how you are going to make it done.

  • Trying to post too much

Content used on the social media takes the center position for SMM. Posting irrelevant content and loads of links on all the social platforms or posting on only some of the platforms is not worthwhile at all.

For instance: You have not posted anything on Twitter since 2010 or flooding the social platforms with hundreds of feeds daily. The inconsistency or over posting annoys the customers and they may start unfollowing you.

Besides, poor content or spammy content won’t let you spread the right message to the right audience. Use creative and original content which makes sense as the followers won’t fall into your lap by themselves.

It’s true! Hash tags are popular to make the brand’s presence prominent. But, the excessive use of hash tags is not sensible which in place of intriguing the users, frustrate them.

  • Ensuring presence on every social platform

There are a lot of social media channels that customers use to communicate, but all of them cannot be a perfect fit for your business. Some of them enjoy the virtue of highly used by the users and leave the rest in the dust.

Ensuring presence on every social platform

See some of the facts that Pew research illustrates:

Instead of signing up for all the social network, you should leverage just 2-3 platforms and create limited profiles that work best in the interest of your business, and saves a lot of time and unnecessary efforts.

This way you can do the posting consistently and connect with the true followers who are really interested in your business.

  • Ignoring interactions

Listening to the customers is half of the communication, but a proper response makes the interaction complete. Making a reply to the customers on their every comment gives the customers a hint that they are heard, which improves engagement and that’s the ultimate goal of social media marketing.

No matter, the customers’ feedback is positive or negative, but you should respond. It’s no brainer to remove the negative feedback, while you can take it as an opportunity to turn the disgruntled customer into a satisfied one, and uplift the social presence and build the long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Beware, everyone is watching the interaction where no response means you are found guilty and satisfying the users sheds a positive light on your business.

Don’t forget the profanity control or security checks as such followers may turn down other followers, so it’s better to block them to safeguard your business online reputation.

  • Target audience is unknown

Consistent posting is a good practice to show social activity on the page, but keeping the page active with fake users is of less value and degrades the social existence. Make certain your social page has real followers.

When you have real followers, it’s also important to check that are you promoting the services on the social channels to the right audience. Shooting in the dark with presumptions won’t work for a longer run.

For instance: Gen Y is ready to pay for the excellent experiences no matter what you are selling. Making the assumption that Gen Y is your target audience is the biggest mistake as they are buying from you just like they bought from others, and it won’t help you gain loyal user base, which advocates your brand.

The road ahead

Mastering the social media marketing is an art that involves science, which if employed correctly, the sky is no limit for you. The top honchos like- Amazon, eBay, or Walmart have scored the high popularity leveraging the social media channels intelligently.

Well, there are some miss and hits. Bottom the line, only those top the charts that steer the SMM boat flawlessly and have crystal clear plan.

Ensure no unavoidable mistakes you make that are aforementioned because everything that your business mention and deliver via social platforms is listened by the customers. Get ready to view the success you seek with impeccable social media marketing.

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