5 ways to get more likes to your Facebook Page.

Social Media plays a very important role in today’s marketing strategy. People love to use social networking site and it becomes their part of life. People use social networking sites to share their stories and connect with people’s worldwide. Facebook is one the leading and widely using Social networking sites. Today every Business entity has a Facebook fan page. I am also pretty sure that you also have a Facebook page for your website or blog.

5 ways to get more likes to your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page is not a rocket science and takes few minutes to set it up. The main concern is to get likes on your Facebook page. I have received lots of emails that how to increase likes on a Facebook page? In this article, I will tell you 5 ways to get more likes to your Facebook Page.

Make your Facebook Page Appealing

The first step is to create an eye-catching and well organized Facebook Page. You have to use a proper and elegant logo for your Facebook page which can also represent your social media branding. Add a relevant image to your Facebook page cover which makes it more elegant and attracts visitors to your page.

Update your Page and add quality content.

The next step is to add quality content and update it frequently with useful information. When you update your site content or publish a new article don’t forget to share it on your Facebook page. This will help user interaction and also increase the user engagement. If you don’t update your Facebook page then you may notice a decrease in the user interaction with the page.

Send request to your friends

When you create a Facebook page share it with your friends or invite them to like your Facebook Page. I personally find it very useful to get an initial boost to my Facebook page likes. When I created my Facebook page that initially most of the likes comes through my friend circle.

Link your page to your website/Blog

You can add a Facebook-like widget to your website or blog. This will help your visitors to visit your Facebook page and increase the likes of your Facebook page. You can get a Facebook like widget from the developer section of the Facebook site. Alternatively, you can also use Facebook like plugins if you are using WordPress to create your website or blog.

Post offers and Giveaways to your page.

Posting offers and giveaways to your Facebook page will attract more visitors to your page. Most of the big companies offer discount coupons, offers, and giveaways to their Facebook page to increase the user interaction. This strategy will also help users to share your offer with their friend circle and hence also increase your Facebook page likes.


So, these are some of the steps to increase your Facebook page likes. These steps also help you to get natural likes to your Facebook page because most of the tools available on the internet are not so helpful and only generate likes from fake Facebook accounts which cannot convert well. I hope you enjoy this article and also found it useful. If you have any thoughts regarding this article, Share it with us by dropping a comment below.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Updating your Facebook page with high-quality content consistently, and also asking your friends to like your page as well as inviting them to like your Facebook page are among the easiest way to get more Facebook page likes.

    Your article is informative.

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