6 Simple Yet Effective SEO Hacks for Bloggers

Everybody likes to see a good load of traffic throng around his or her web page, right?

Well, that’s the dream of every blogger. It’s the success you expect in your carrier. You do everything with the ultimate target of winning such a large audience. Can’t we make it happen to almost every page we launch? Of course, we can. But, how? The easiest way to do this is affording paid traffic. But, it’s not that easy for a beginner.

6 Simple yet effective SEO hacks for bloggers

The other option is getting social media traffic which is much easier and faster. There you need to have a strong interaction with the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We need to be a bit tricky and thoughtful in that. However, you’ll have to pay attention to certain SEO hacks too to preserve your position. Make your website as fast as possible. Use professionals to design your website, use premium hosting service providers for a faster loading website. Review of iPage shows they are one of the best at this task. Here are six effective SEO hacks which are helpful to bring your blog to the first page of Google.

Use forums and social hubs to uncover valuable keywords and topics before your competitors

You need to observe social media or forums constantly in order to track certain important keywords to use on your blog. Maybe the keyword you noticed does not belong to your niche. But, you must be tricky and creative to adapt it to suit yours.

Detecting a certain keyword before your competitors see it, has lots of advantages. Mainly, your blog will stay at the top of SEO rankings. So, you’ll be able to draw a lot of traffic to read it.

Write in the same way that people search

Always be attentive about the way how people google for a certain thing. Shape up your heading using those often sought words and phrases. Consider the way how you type the thing you need to search for a search engine. Give priority to that concept since it adds a huge SEO weight to your blog. Humans are humans everywhere. Despite the country, race or religion everybody acts almost in the same way when an urgent need arises to search for something. So, stick to that theory. You’ll be able to win a lot of traffic that way.

Put your keywords at the beginning

Don’t just get buried in the list of search results by adding only one or two keywords in the heading and filling the rest of it with less important words. Design your topic laden with keywords from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, you will get lost in the middle of your topic. For instance, if you’re writing about ‘Green Tea Smoothies for Weight Loss’, you can frame your topic this way; ‘Green Tea Smoothies to Lose weight in 2 Weeks’. Keyword density is such an important thing to consider to make your blog appear at the top of search results.

People will find your site only if you make the heading with longtail keywords. Broadening the possibility to find your blog in the search engine could be done only by adopting such hacks. And always keep in mind to keep the headline short and to the point.

Create How-To Post

Creating How-To posts is far more search engine friendly than just making a simple heading using a few words which are not keyword rich. Just type the phrase ‘How to’ into a search engine and see what a lot of sites appear in the search results. The challenge is taking your headline beyond that point. Design the rest of the heading with words and phrases which are search engine friendly. Then readers will be able to find it easily. Longtail keyword phrases are important here also.

Make your underperforming pages rank higher

When you are running a blog, there may be certain pages that fail to reach the desired level of performance. Such underperforming pages may not meet the traffic and bloggers are often disappointed in such cases. But, there are ways to overcome that problem. Creating some new content is not a solution anyway. You must reoptimize such prevailing content and make them search engine friendly. By increasing the keyword density, making the headings clear, precise and to the point you can get good results.

Build Authority through shares and Backlinks

Have you discovered that there’s a close relationship between superb backlinks and SEO rankings? Surely, you have a high possibility of staying at the top of Google rankings if you can create quality backlinks. And on the contrary, wrong backlinks can cause you trouble, and they even punish by cutting you off from Google. Anyway, when getting backlinks, you must see whether they are relevant to your site. And think whether they have a high DA score. And also, see whether they naturally link to you. However, this is an excellent SEO hack for you to get to the top of SEO rankings. If you succeed in that, you’ll be able to drive a lot of traffic to your site and thus earn a lot out of your blog.

Well, try out these SEO hacks. Though they seem to be simple, the results they generate will be massive and amazingly positive.

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3 Comments on “6 Simple Yet Effective SEO Hacks for Bloggers”

  1. How To posts work awesome Vishwajeet. We want to know how to get stuff done, how to solve problems and how to live our dreams. No matter the niche, if you publish ample How To posts you appease readers and the Google Gods. Easy to write these too because you step by step walk your way through the process.


  2. The concept of writing in the same way we speak when searching on Google is great for SEO and will also help a great deal for voice search. So implementing this technique is fascinating because these are terms you refer to as long-haul keywords. They’re less competitive and has the potential to rank your content high on Google.
    Creating how-to posts are also remarkable. However, you want to add keywords in specific areas to improve your chances of ranking high. At the same time, you also need to add LSI keywords – related keywords that are similar in meaning. These will definitely boost you chances to rank high.

    Thanks for sharing.

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