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8 Best Tools To Spy on Facebook Ads

Want to Spy on Facebook Ads with some Spy tools? With this article, we are going to bring you ten best tools which are best at spaying Facebook Ads.

While it comes to competition, the primary thing that any business owner wants to know about is what the competitor in your niche are doing, what strategy they are applying and how well are they are leveraging it. This is what same goes for the Facebook Ads.

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Do you want to know your competitors’ Facebook Ads strategy? Well, the big drawback of it is that you are probably won’t seeing their Facebook Ads on your news feed. But don’t worry. Fortunately, there are so many ways that you can use to make it very easy to find what your competitors are doing and how you can replicate your competitors’ success on your Facebook Ads.

In this article, we have listed eight best tools which helped you spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads that they are running. Most of the tools can show which ads they are running and with that Ads who they are targeting. So let’s not waste time and straight ahead to the tools.

#Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

#1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a fantastic tool to spy on Facebook Ads. It lets you Spy Facebook Ads of your Competitors, and with over 54,000 Facebook Ads Example it makes it easy for you to find which competitor of yours is running which Facebook Ads. However, you can even create Facebook Ads with this tool

You can even call this tool as a Facebook Ad Management tool. This tools make it very easy for you to create your great Facebook Ads. However, this tool is also very excellent to optimize your Facebook Ads. With its provided Facebook Ads Gallery you will have great option to create best Facebook Ad. This tool is available for paid version and its starting plan can cost you around $49.

#2. Social Ads Tool

Social Ads tool is another tool that helps you view your competitors’ Facebook Ads strategy. However, it doesn’t directly allow you view your competitors’ ads, but it lets you modify the delivery of your Facebook Ads that depending on your opponents’ spending behavior. With this you can create fascinating Facebook Ads. But this tool is available in various price level.

#3. WhichAdsWork

Looking for a Facebook Ad Spy Tool that offers a user-friendly design? This tool WhichAdsWork is at this. It simplifies your filtering and offers in-depth analytics. This spy tool is designed and optimized particularly for affiliate advertisers and eCommerce advertisers. With this tool, you can quickly find and download the winning ads which are your competitors running. It lets you filter the Facebook ads by affiliate advertiser, its network, the keyword, and the tracking system. This tool is available in paid version.

#4. Adsviser2.0

Adsviser2.0 lets you search through their database of over 200,000 Facebook Ads. The tool lets you spy even on Facebook Video Ads from over 10,000 Facebook video Ads. It even lets you find the targeting type, exact interest, and how many days Ads run and Spent of your competitors. However, there is no demo available based on which you can make your task easy. It is paid version tool.

#5. Adsvantage

AdsVantage is one of the best tool spy on competitors’ Facebook Ads. It enables you to find your competitors best performing Facebook ads and its pre-sales. With it, you have the great opportunity to find your competition better and grow your business. This tool is the great way to reduce the CPC and raise the CTR. With it, you can spy over a hundred of Facebook Ads and optimize your campaign with this tool easily. It offers in-depth insight into what is driving shares, likes, and comments.

#6. AdFox.io

AdFox is the most excellent Facebook Competition Spying Tool that brings your Facebook Marketing strategy to the next level. With this tool, you can search each and every kind of Facebook Ads which are running on Desktop and Mobile. This tool contains a huge database of ads that cover almost every industry and country. AdFox has over 300K ads in its own database and growing daily. It cost around $27 for 6 months.

#7. Compass

This tool is one of the leading competition spying tools for the social network advertising. That allows you find the Ads of the competitors who are running them on the platform like Facebook and LinkedIn. It lets you find secrets of the competitor’s ad campaigns to optimize your advertising campaigns.

With the largest indexing of Ads, there are 3,000,000 Ads Indexed. So, it makes easy for you find winning ad modification. Besides that, you can even find LinkedIn Ads of your competitors as well.

#8. BigBigAds

With BigBigAds you can find and access the most successful Facebook ads of your competitors. With this tool, there is no need to create ads from scratch or test them all you need is to use this tool and access the successful Ad campaign and simply reproduce them to have a profitable Ad campaign. It tool is available in both version free and paid. With free version it offers some basic features while if you want to leverage on premium features then you can jump to its Standard pan that can cost you around $99.


These are eight of the tools that you can use to spy on your Competitors’ Facebook Ads which they are running. Some of them also let you spy Ads which are running on other social platforms. So pick the best for you and see where your competitor is gaining more from it. And how you can make more from them. Share your experience after using any of this tool.

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