8 Revolutionary WordPress Trends To Follow This Year For Great User Experience

WordPress is considered one of the best Content Management System to endeavor into the digital world. It is undergoing a drastic change with its new version 4.9 onboard that not only fixes the bugs of a previous version but also comes power-packed with many new groundbreaking improvements. WordPress development has revolutionized the websites and widgets.

8 Revolutionary WordPress Trends To Follow This Year For Great User Experience

The developers can see the management of themes and plugins, improvements brought out in the edited codes and latest customization. For applying varied latest functionalities, the clientele companies can take the services of a professional WordPress development company.

Now, let us have a look at the 8 significant WP trends that one can follow in the year 2018:

Navigation Made Simple

The complex navigation has been minimized by cutting out on the additional or standard pages. Simple navigation will cause few distractions for the visitor. The websites will only display a clear understanding of the products and services. This simplicity will provide perfection in the navigation.

Dynamic Looking Website

The integration of videos in the latest WordPress has become an all-time favorite of the clients, as the website will look catchy and interactive. With the use of videos on the website, the companies can involve more audiences. This service can also be taken from the professionals of WordPress development company that will help the companies to provide visual information to the users. The main benefit of video representation is the replacement of content and photos. The removal of static pictures from the website with video presentations will help in the business growth.

Use of Illustrations and Customized Graphics

The images provide a great value for SEO, as it optimizes the website in a seamless manner, and it is another trend added to the WordPress development. Along with the introduction of stock photos, WordPress experts are looking forward to illustrations, handmade stuff or customized graphics. This can also work in the place of generic presentation through visuals.

VR is going to be the Future

The Virtual Reality has already made its mark in the online world so renowned companies like Google, Apple, and Sony are working towards the applicability of VR in today’s lives. The introduction of the latest plugins in WordPress will support user-experience and the business. Presently, the latest version of WordPress is supporting the 360° view of photos and videos on the websites. The upcoming latest trend will definitely see the edition of VR plugin.

Introduction of Revolutionary Editor – Gutenberg

The experts at WordPress are working towards the development of a revolutionary editor or the content creator Gutenberg. It will be released this year in 2018 with a release of WordPress 5.0. This will be added in the core by replacing a classic editor, and the out-of-the-box core will be integral to it. The Gutenberg editor provides a ‘drag and drops’ option for the creation of blocks that will further create the content.

Involvement of the Animation Element

The year 2018 will see the introduction of more complex elements for the animation. The clients can take the services from WordPress development company for applying catchy animation elements. Here, Parallax is becoming significant as it involves great innovative techniques. For higher user engagement, video and the multilayered animation create a dynamic look.

Typography and Bold Fonts will Rule

The WordPress development now comes with bold fonts and use of bold typography. This trend followed from the previous year and will rule in 2018 too. With the changes in the device capabilities and availability of the custom fonts, there will be the usage of large letters on the WP sites. It will also fill the number of whitespaces that will help in skimming and reading the content.

Offering Push Notifications

The pop-ups used in the year 2017, emerged as the most important concept and proved advantageous for the online websites. This year, WordPress offers Push notifications that are most important from the marketing perspective.
The Push-notifications are going to offer device support, good browsing facility, seamless functioning, and acceptance of the mobile devices with ‘Click through’ rates generating higher business than E-mails. Here, the professional web designers from the companies need to apply appealing designs for making the push notifications attractive.


With the introduction of so many WP revolutionary trends, the WordPress development company professionals need to work hard and smart to cater to the needs of individual clients. WordPress development in 2018 ushers a whole new era of beginning for the business growth and marketing of the products and services in a catchy way. Although, it is industrial experts who have to see which technical and marketing aspects they need to cover to make their WP sites appealing for the end users.

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  1. I doubled down on navigation last month Harshal. Now my home page is a list of menus and that is it. My blog is the same simple list of menus, and sidebar an ad image to my eBook plus links to my about page and travel page, with a little introduction. Simple, clean, clear.


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