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When it comes to art, there are a million tools one can play with. Simple pouring colors on the canvas never made a legend; there is something far more significant that just getting the job done and that is being logical. Good art can do wonders; good art is abstract and thoughtful. Recall the Italian artist, Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous painting which marked the beginning of Renaissance Art in Florence, Italy. About thousands of years have passed and Mona Lisa still stands as the most mysterious work of art ever performed. Designing a meaningful logo is quite similar to performing an art that earns a good audience.

If you’re looking to market your brand, you sure must have come up with a name that astounds your rivals. But have you come up with a logo that slays them? As trivial as it may sound, Logo Designing is a complex task that requires time, effort and patience. And of course, a great artistic mind. Although Logo Design Service in USA is becoming increasingly popular, not every brand can pull off a smashing logo. Since your logo is your business identity, it must not be overlooked that by the virtue of this fact, it becomes an integral focus of your overall marketing strategy.

What makes a good logo

This poses the question; what makes a logo unique?

  • Simplicity
  • Versatility
  • Relevance

These are the three basic factors that a designer must consider while designing a logo.



If you want your audience to remain focused on your brand and its message, you’ve got to keep your logo simple. Simplicity definitely doesn’t mean boring. You can fuse simplicity and liveliness through some primary logo design tips. If you are a high tech designer who creates a logo, make sure your logo doesn’t say otherwise. Colors, texts, images-these are the main elements that will help you keep your audience’s attention intact.

The first and foremost tip on how to incorporate simplicity in your logo is going low on colors. Colors are definitely an important part of your logo, but too much of them tends to divert your audience to something that’s far more soothing and appealing; say you can play around with 2-3 colors at once but you’ve got to draw the line when these turn to 5 or 6. Next comes the typography; remember a poor text can turn out to be one of the main reasons of poor marketing.



In order to ensure versatility of a logo, it must be designed in a way that makes it easier to scale it to any size later. This is called designing a logo in vector format. An easy way to make sure of this is through making use of the colors black and white only. This will help focus on the concept and size alone since colors often do much to divert your audience.



For a logo to strike a nerve, it is extremely crucial that it be appropriate and relevant to the idea behind the business. Rather a logo should reflect the very business philosophy in all its true forms. Consider the logos above, they certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for an audit firm which seeks to appeal its audience with all seriousness. Since the above logos are designed to appeal the children aged from 3-6, the vibrancy of pink colour is specifically targeted at young girls. This is one of the important things to be considered while designing a logo; your target audience.

It should further be made a point of significance that a logo is entirely for identification purposes and it need not carry an image of the product being sold as a business description. For instance, McDonald’s logo doesn’t appear in the form of crispy fries or a tempting burger. This is because the business aims for the audience to realize that the fries are going to be crispy and the burger just as tempting when it sets its eyes upon the logo.

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