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Advancements Are Imminent: 10 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

The year 2017 has been one of the most fascinating years when it comes to advancements and invention. With the evolution of virtual reality to an implementation of techniques like animation on a much bigger scale boggles many experts and users. The year has taken ease and convenience to an incredibly next level. Advance techniques, high level of creativity, conceptual strategies and skilled innovations are some of the core principles of this year. Well, as 2017 is drawing closer to its end, new trends have sprouted up and for much to your surprise, many trends are an actual updated version of those already existed in the trends list of 2017.

Without much delays let’s explore the amazing web design trends’ list for the year 2018:

Make Your Design Flat

make your design flat

Keeping in mind the shortening of the attention span of users nowadays, the designers and developers are striving to create mobile-first designs for their websites. Image-heavy layouts consume a lot of time in loading and show poor in-tab activity performance. To ease the struggle of discovering a site using cellphones and desktops, flat designs are about to prevail in upcoming years. It generates much faster loading time and an easy interface to surf. Clean and minimalist designs enter into the trend list of 2018, due to its high demand. It is desirable for both the platforms mobile and desktops. However, flat design does not mean that you have to go for only two-dimensional features; it is just about minimalism and usability. You must not add extra heavy and irrelevant options. Make use of white spaces, create a sophisticated layout and add a value to your work.

Logos Must Be Animated

logos must be animated

Much of your amaze, an animation is now part of web design trends as well. 2018 is coming up with useful and subtle animation. Where browsers are now capable of handling animation and its effects designers are leading their way towards incorporating animation in logos and in website features. The introduction of scroll-triggered animation has proven to entice many viewers and it has become a favorable factor to increase the rate of engagements.

Animated Logos have turned into a powerful branding asset. They quite easily delivers the core message and manages to hold the attention of viewers for longer.

Make Rich Typography

Make rich Typography

As mentioned above, image-heavy website takes a longer time to load. But does that supposed to innovation or appealing factors at all? Well, Nope!

With the top web designs trends of 2018, you can create fascinating, captivating and appealing design all at once without even damaging the speed of your site. Today, designers are striving to unleash their creative most sides and bringing enticing flare within their work using the art of typography. Many have questioned the influence of a different font in adding appeal on a site.

However, every font triggers specific area. With Gothic Font, your mind goes back to the European era and highlights images of legendary art, whereas with a modern script you can create a classy look and deliver your core message much easily. Fonts help to create emphasis and highlight main points from the content.

Focus on Internet of Things

focus on internet of things

(IoT) that is an abbreviation of Internet of Things involves the use of such technology that can keep the device connected to the internet. Some smart bulbs like Philips Hue and many apps are among the best example of IoT. In the upcoming year, developers will be suing IOt in their websites to make your connection with your smart devices easily and efficiently. For a smart website, you need to have a more skilled expert who can handle the professional backend procedures. Hence, it’s better to start fishing for a professional web design service.

Create Virtual Reality Videos

create virtual reality videos

Uploading videos on websites have now become an old school. People used to get amused by finding and knowing the real faces offering an amazing catalog of services on their sites. However, now technologies like immersive 360-degree videos, video mapping and interactive clips have taken up the design industry. Though making these videos required smart skills and a pocket full of investments but they are rendering greater outcomes in bringing websites under top searches.

Add Chat Box, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence

add chat box and more

Since many years, users have been communicating with robots. Do you remember the last time you actually had a conversation with your service provider in person?

Well, as per the 2018 trends designers and developers will be creating a much more seamless online experience with the website fully knowing what actions their users are about to perform and what they truly are looking for. Integration of artificial intelligence will generate more humanly interactions.   Through chat box and machine learning, you will get to know your target audience much better and will be able to provide them a more advanced user experience.

About The Author

SarahMy name is Sarah and I am a design architect at INGIC, a web design company in UK. I love to design and share my creative ideas and suggestions with the readers on different blogs. Plus, as a hobby I do photography to capture the beauty of nature.



  1. Hey Sarah!

    We are about to step into a whole new year!

    And technology keeps on evolving at a fascinating pace.

    With that being said, web designers need to evolve as well. One of the cool tools I’m looking to play with soon is a ‘chat box’ on one of my blogs. I think live one on one interaction with your readers can be very helpful to learn more about your niche audience.

    Thanks for sharing this list!

    Cheers! 😀

    • That’s what it is. In this fast-paced industry of web design, one has to get synced with the latest trends and technologies that are affecting user-experience and live chat service is one of them. It really helps the end-users in solving their queries. Perhaps, It can get you closer to the readers on your site as they can interact with you without any hassle. As for the blog is concerned, you are welcome. 🙂

  2. I think choosing a simple typography is much beneficial than using new typography. Remember in today’s blogosphere website speed matters now. The more simple a blog can be, the better for SEO.

    • Well with all due respect, I would kinda disagree here because after a lot of research and reading posts from top bloggers, in my opinion using fonts that are unique and creative on the same time can attract user-attention and they can even associate your brand with that specific type-face.

  3. In 2017 there is a big fascinating change in web design advancement and invention. The tips which you are listed are not technical but they are very needed for web design I would say it is basic but at the same time, it is essential all these are known to us but we fail to follow and bring it up once at the time of working. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Thanks for sharing this awesome article ,i am definately looking for some good tips for the design of my website . There are many new advance tips you mentioned here and i like the virtual reality video idea the most I will consider each and every point you mentioned in the post while making my own website .

    • I am glad you liked the post. Yes, the tips mentioned above are precisely based on the trends that will dominate design industry in the upcoming year of 2018. Wish you good luck ahead.

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