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Benefits of using free writing to generate ideas

Free writing helps the writer to identify the mistakes in the free set of writing and rectify them in the next set. By doing this it helps to keep the final set of writing neat and free from errors. This helps the writer to develop a stronger basis for the rest of the writing thus increasing accuracy of the piece of writing. Some of the benefits of free writing to generate ideas include;

  1. Ensures the final set of writing is neat and free from errors

During free writing the writer comes up with ideas which he writes roughly to check on the consistence and accurateness of the piece of writing. The writer then collects the errors from this free set of writing before transferring them to the final set of writing. This helps to correct mistakes that could have been directly written on the final set. By rectifying these mistakes it makes the final sets free from errors and clear thus more appealing.

  1. Provides an emphasis on paraphrasing sources

Free writing ensures that the piece of writing is well paraphrased by not using it directly before redrafting it to the final set of writing. This ensures flow and order in the final piece of writing making the final piece of writing easy and admirable to read. This also makes it possible to utilize various types of media while drafting the final fair copy. This creates decency in that given piece of writing.

  1. Ensures that the final piece of writing has correct grammar and good sentence structure

While correcting the mistakes from the free piece of writing, the writer ensures that the grammar on the final piece of writing is grammatically correct and the sentence structure is clear. This is because the free piece of writing gives room for checking and correcting on the errors. By doing this the free piece of writing created ensures that the grammar and sentence structure is correct. Simple errors of punctuation and grammar are easily noticed and corrected before making the final copy.

Benefits of using free writing to generate ideas

  1. It allows use of a variety of academic sources

While writing free writing the writer gets the opportunity to compare and utilize a variety of sources in his work of writing.  As one writes the free writing, he has the opportunity to compare and utilize various academic sources to cite his work. This creates the accurateness of his work by using various works from different authors. This further aids in using different sources from outside to support individual claims.

  1. It gets one started for the actual piece of writing

A free writing gets one started for the actual piece of writing because it gives one a plan on how to do the actual writing. Hence it creates basis for the actual writing since it gives the writer a piece of related ideas together with a clue to ignore other unrelated information. This because a free writing is part of the writing and helps one to gather the correlated ideas for that given subject to write about.

  1. It eliminates the unreachable aim of perfection.

On drafting a free write up, one concentrates on the writing and eliminates the myth of writing into perfection. This serves to eliminate plagiarism from one’s piece of writing thus creating a firsthand work. It can also give room for one to reference if he is to cite ones work. This is because it has room for adding information into the final piece of writing. This also helps to serve as a security to other peoples’ work. It makes the writer’s work simple by eliminating some elements of fantasies from the piece of writing.

  1. Helps in regular building of discipline of the writer

Free writing helps in setting the mind of an individual in regular basis when drafting free write, thus enabling his work to be performed in a sequential order. Frequent writing of free drafts on daily basis helps one to be familiarized and well equipped each and every moment hence reducing some form of abstinence while writing free draft. As the writer repeatedly writes the free writing it helps him to develop discipline and the writing skills.

  1. It aids in the process gathering information, brainstorming and thinking

During the process of free writing, it helps one to think further on the topic, brainstorms and gathers all relevant information from different sources that help the writer to build on his work of writing. This helps to improve on one’s writing experience and improve his writing and reasoning skills. Through the solid and interesting introduction it helps to set stage for the rest of the writing. This improves the writer’s perfection in his work of writing.

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