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Best AdSense alternatives for 2017.

AdSense is no doubt the king of PPC advertising networks. Every bloggers or webmasters want to join this lucrative program. But the fact is that it is very hard to get approved by AdSense.  Most of the publishers get their account disabled for invalid click activity. In this article I will show you some of the best AdSense alternatives for 2017. Which you may use it to monetize your website.


Infolinks is one of the most popular and best AdSense alternatives. Their approval process is very easy and doesn’t have any strict requirements like Google AdSense. All you have a valid website with some great content.


Infolinks have variety of ads to show up in your website. For example they have in Link ads, in fold ads, in article ad etc. This will definitely help you to increase your site revenue.  However using too many of infolink ads in your site can slightly slow down your website speed and also have negative effective on user engagement. So, It is better that you use limited amount of ads to make sure that it is mixed up with your site content. The minimum payout of Infolink is $50 and they pay you by PayPal or bank transfer.


Media.net is a contextual ad networks powered by Bing and Yahoo ads and also considered as one of the best AdSense alternative. Recently a Chinese firm has bought the Media.net for 900 million dollar. To get approved by this network, you have a valid website with lots of engaging contents and majority of your site traffic is coming from USA or UK.


Once you sign up with their network, it will take 1 to 2 Business days to review your account (Sometimes it will take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the backlogs). If your site gets approved by them, you will receive a welcome email from them. They also assign a dedicated affiliate manager to you. Who can help you to implement ad units on your site.  They also have attractive ad units which will be blended with your site design and give you good revenue. They will pay their publishers on CPM basis. When you reached $100 in your account, they will pay you through PayPal or Bank transfer.


Chitika is also one of the best AdSense alternatives. The sign up process is very easy and they do not have any strict requirements like other PPC networks. Sign up process is very easy.  To sign with them you have a website.


They also have different sizes of ad units. You can also customize your ads with different colors and font options. The minimum payout for chitika is $10 for PayPal and $100 for bank transfers.


Adversal is a brand new ad network and started in 2012.  To get started with them, you need a website with good and quality content. Your website must have minimum of 5000 page views per month. They have variety range of ads like Interstitial  ads, Pop up ads, Banner ads etc.


The minimum payout of Adversal is $20. They will pay you by PayPal, Bank transfer.


Buysellads is one of the popular advertising program and a good AdSense alternative. Buysellads give a platform to connect webmasters with potential advertisers.  That’s mean you can sale ad spaces on your site.


But sign up Buysellads is not an easy task. Your website must have a huge amount of visitors and also have good quality content. Whilst Buysellads does not reveal their traffic requirement for the publishers. But it is considered that your website must have minimum of 50000 page views per month. If you are applying with a site that have huge amount of ads on it, than it won’t get accepted by them.

Apart from the above list of alternatives you can also try out the native advertising network. You can check out my post on Top 5 Native ad networks.

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best and lucrative ways to monetize your website. I personally recommend it to others who are looking for an alternative to AdSense. You can join affiliate networks like Shareasale to monetize your site.

Over to you

These are some of the best alternatives for AdSense.  You can try them and see which one suits your site. I know that above networks does not pay you like AdSense but it will definitely help you to monetize your site. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding these alternatives, you can share it with us. Just drop a comment below.

P.S. I will update this post in future to add some more AdSense alternatives to it. So, keep a close eye on this post.

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