Best SEO Techniques for 2018

We have seen lots of changes in SEO world. 2017 was also an important year for  SEO. We have seen Google Maccabee update. Which has been hit the sites using too much keyword stuffing

In today’s competitive world we all want to rank our site in Google. Google is taking 200 factors to rank a website in search engine result page. In this article, I am going to show Best SEO techniques for 2018.

Best SEO Techniques For 2018

  1. Create quality content.

Content always plays an important role in your site SEO. Create quality and in-depth content that resonates with your users and makes them visit your site first. The days are gone when we write 300 to 500 words articles and rank them in Google.

Now you have to produce in-depth and quality posts that are full of useful information. Create quality posts minimum of 1000 words which is focused on your target audience and helps them to solve out their problem. Make your articles more customer-centric and become an authority online.

  1. Speed up your site loading speed

An independent research says that People will drop your site and move on if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google had already confirmed that website loading speed is now considered as one of the ranking factors.

There are plenty of factors which can slow down your website loading speed like bad hosting, too many plugins, using too much javascript and CSS etc. The main culprit behind the slow website is bad hosting. Try to find a fast and reliable hosting. If you are WordPress centric blogger than I highly recommend you to use a managed WordPress hosting provider.

It will help you to speed up your site loading speed by providing optimum server resources.

  1. Make your site mobile friendly

Trust me, If your site is not mobile friendly then it will be a doom for you. Today mobile users are growing rapidly and if your site is not mobile friendly than you will lose a lot of potential visitors and buyers.

Google also considered your website responsiveness as their ranking factor. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You can use responsive WordPress themes like Mythemeshop or Genesis Framework.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords

Keywords play a great role in your site SEO and help you rank well in search engines. To cut down the competition and rank better in search engines, you have to focus on long tail keywords. I highly recommend you to use Longtailpro to find quality and best performing long tail keywords for your blog posts. Long tail keywords also help you to find quality readers for specific posts that help users and increase your conversions and sales. If you are doing affiliate marketing then long tail keywords is a  boon for you.

  1. Update your old blog post

Updating your old blog posts can be very lucrative ways to engage more people to it. It will help you to refresh your blog by updating your old blog post. It will increase the flow of visitors and search engines will also like it.

I have also updated some of my old posts and you cannot believe it is now rank better in search engine result page. This is also one of the best on page SEO techniques.

  1. Focus on quality of your backlinks

Everybody wants to earn huge backlinks. It is one of the crucial steps to gain rankings in search engines. You cannot rank your website if you have poor or zero backlinks. Today people try to make backlinks from different sources and are using automated backlinks generator tools. This will only create spammy backlinks that will only harm your site.

You have to focus on the quality of your backlinks. Always create backlinks from high authority websites that are relevant to your niche. If you are on motorbike niche than creating links from a health site is not going to help you much.

To gain quality backlinks, you can do guest posting on high authority sites. Blog commenting is also a great way to increase your online presence and help you to get backlinks.

I have heard this many times in online communities and forums that nofollow links are useless and do not possess any SEO value. This is a big misconception among webmasters. Whether your backlinks are nofollow and do follow, It still counts as backlinks and Google also count them. The main factor here is the quality.

  1. Increase your Social Media presence

The social media industry is booming and it will dominate in 2018 as well. You have to build a strong social media presence by providing sharable contents. Today social media is one of the great places for promotion and big companies are approaching Social Media marketing.

You simply cannot ignore the power of Social media as it will help you to build your authority and networking online. Sharing useful content on social media sites can help you increase your online presence and also help you to gain quality backlinks for your site.

  1. Switch to HTTPS

Google has taken initiative to make the web safer for users. Moving your site to HTTPS is definitely help you to boost up your SEO. If you search something on Google, you will find that first 5 pages of result page is full of sites that are using HTTPS.

Today almost every web hosting companies are providing free SSL certificates (Powered by let’s encrypt) to its users. It will be a wise decision to move to HTTPS.

  1. The rise of voice search

Google voice search is gaining popularity. Optimize your content with conversational keywords to make the best use of voice search option.

  1. The Rise of Vlogging

Video and video marketing is gaining popularity in recent years. Moving to vlogging is definitely a good option to increase your online presence and build your brand online. Videos are a great way to connect with your target audience by providing in-depth information.

Over to you

SEO is a changing world and you have to adapt yourself to latest trends to prevail in the search market. SEO is a great way to drive huge organic traffic to your blog or website. I hope you found these techniques helpful. Do you have something in your mind? Which can be a great addition to these techniques. Just share it with me through comments.

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