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Best SEO Techniques for 2017.

2016 has been a remarkable year for SEO. We have seen so many changes in this period. For example Google has updated its penguin algorithm to 4.0 which is now run with their core algorithm that means it is now run in real time. Google is a dynamic search engine and change its search algorithm frequently to serve more relevant result to its users. The days are gone when people tends to spam search engines and increase their rankings by creating spammy backlinks. So, for now it is too hard to rank a site in search engine result page if you are using bad hat techniques to rank your site.

best seo techniques for 2017

Previously I had created an article for best SEO techniques for 2016. Where I have tried to mention some of the basic tips to rank your site. Here in this article I will show you the techniques which you can use to rank your site in search engines. This article will also help you know about the techniques that are dominating in 2017 to rank a site. It’s just my opinion. OK, let’s get started.


Content always work as a catalyst and consider as one of the fundamental steps for SEO. Content is king and its still dominate. Webmasters who are failing to create quality content for their users cannot succeed to rank their site. This is also a major issue for the new comers. I think most of the webmasters try to create content for only search engine, but the reality is that create a content which is useful and valuable to your users. Google also like the content which is useful to the users.

HTML tags

You can use proper HTML tags in your posts. For example you can use a good combination of using H1, H2, H3… tags in your post. Properly use anchor text to your links. Use alternative texts in your images. Most of the bloggers and webmasters do not try to use heading tags in their post. But it still works. So, always use a valid and ideal combination of these tags.

Mobile Friendly

We all live in a digital world and mobile phones are now a part of our day to day life. Making mobile friendly sites help you a lot to rank your site in search engine result page. You can also use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) for your website or blog. This will make your site mobile friendly and your site loads very fastly in mobile devices. AMP removes all of your complex CSS and javascripts from your site and creates a plan HTML website for your blog/website.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing will play a major role in your site SEO. People love to use visual contents and video marketing can help you to gain good amount of visitors and also help you in SEO. If possible try to use Videos in your posts. You can also start your own YouTube channel.


Backlinks are considering as a backbone of a site. Nobody can rank their site without having a good amount of backlinks. Always create backlinks from natural and organic sources. Remember Penguin now runs in real time and a site with poor backlinks quality can get hit by it and doesn’t perform well in search engine. You can check my article where I have mention how to create quality backlinks for your site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media definitely plays an important role to your website marketing and SEO strategy. Social Media doesn’t provide you dofollow links but they are still very effective to increase your SEO score. Social Media gives you an opportunity to target your audience according to their region, SEX, Age etc. Always increase your site social signal scores. For example when you evaluate your site using Semrush, aherfs, majestic SEO, Woorank etc they also count your Social score as well. So, don’t underestimate it.

Guest Posting and Blog Commenting

Guest posting and blog commenting still consider as one of the best techniques to increase your site backlink score and also help you to increase your site SEO score. Submit Guest posts on high authority sites in your niche can increase your site SEO score. Blog commenting is also very effective to drive traffic to your site or blog. I am also doing blog commenting on high authority sites which gives me good amount of blog readers. Leaving constructive and relevant comment to the blog can be an effective way to increase your blog readership.

Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is playing a major role in your site SEO score. Recent study suggests that 60% of web users like the site that loads less than 2 seconds. The same thing also applies to the Search Engines. Google love sites that are load very fast and perform very well. Website loading speed depends on a lot of factors like server performance, Website designs, CSS, Javascripts etc. A Poor web server can slow down your site loading speed. It’s highly recommended that you use a Content delivery networks to increase your website performance. You can also check out this article why you should focus on page load speed


So, these are some of the techniques which I think that can help you to increase your website or blog SEO score in 2017.  Whilst SEO world changes very frequently. So, always try to adopt these changes and make sure that your site complies with their guidelines. If you have thoughts or feedback regarding these tips than you can share it with us. Just drop a comment below.


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