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Blogging Ideas You Should Look After why Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is easier than its maintenance, isn’t it?

Those days that you decided to Start a blog and become a blog star you don’t realize that blogging world isn’t all that shiny how it looks! Yes, it’s not an easy task.. which  I didn’t mean to Scare you but that doesn’t mean is easier than studying in College either.

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There are thousand impressive income resources to Making good money as a blogger but that works effectively for the Able men. What do I mean by Able as if you were not ready?

 Blogging Ideas You Should Look After why Starting a Blog

Be mindful that you can’t Make Unique Money From your Blog without knowing the ways of blogging.. only if you play your ball right then money will show off.

This post is not only dedicated to all the Newbie bloggers but also to intermediaries in the blogging world who are struggling to make a living through the blogosphere, check out Seven (7) Common tips To Follow, and also what you stand to gain as a blogger which most people forget!

I’m Dishing out this unique article for Free because I want you to succeed and be happy in Life.

You may have come to across some of the tricks am about to mention below… but am so sure that you haven’t seen all.

So without much blah talk and all that… let me teach you what you ought to know about creating a successful blog.

Tip #1 – Don’t Spend all your Money on your First Blog

Good that your blog is now live on the blogosphere, yes we know how you’re very excited and you saved all your money for this day only, but hey! spend your money wisely!

I see many newbies buying Long Tail Pro for keyword research. I’ll suggest you using Google AdWords, it’s free and Long Tail Pro collects data from AdWords only!

Once you become a pro and start earning well, then investing in such software could be very beneficial.. am not against Pro items but to you that has just started… Stay far from them for now.

Tip #2 – Always Create a Backup

I give BackWPup to WordPress for allowing extensions which help to increase its Functionality. There’s a lot of Plugins which you can use to Backup your Data either to Cloud Storage or to your Desired Soft copy.

I hope that day never come but you never know! It might be anything that could make you lose all your data from your blog. Hackers attack, error while running an SQL query, it might be anything.

Having a backup will save the bloggers from a lot of headaches and don’t have to keep worrying about the possibilities of losing your data.

Tip #3 – Don’t Ever ignore the Updates released by WordPress

Day by day WordPress has to be so nice… There are working to improve its Services and to make it a better Content Management System (CMS) Software for users.

We all see WordPress update now and then and make sure that we clicked the update option. One reason to always update WordPress is that WordPress releases patch each time, There might be security holes which WP just fixed. Not updating your WP makes you an easy prey for the hackers.

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Tip #4 – Carefully Select the Theme of your Blog

What we call Free is actually not Free… Stay Safe. There are many Premium and free themes out there, premium themes are available at affordable rates too.

In case you want better customization and make your blog completely safe from WordPress updates, you can go for premium ones.

There are many black hat users who distribute nudes premium themes for free. And don’t ever consider getting Premium items from bad sources, it results could be disastrous. Places to get a good Theme for your Blog is ThemeForest or MyThemeShop.

Tip #5 – Add SEO plug-ins

SEO has changed Over the years.. we’re gone are the days that all is required for site search engine ranking lies on Meta tags and all that.

Meta Tags alone can’t fetch you good results, so look for SEO WP Plugin to Support your Blog. There are several plugins for SEO in WordPress, all you have to do is search and install.

The most famous and widely used is SEO by Yoast. There are many others like for example All In One SEO is also good and that’s what I’m using on this blog.

choose any one of your choices and install it so you can get better rankings and your content becomes “likable” by Google and other search engines.

Tip #6 – Keep a Track on Comments

As soon as you start getting traffic, you will also get comments and there will genuine and spam comments flowing in. Keep a track of them is very important.

One of the most common blogging tips we give is to install Akismet so you can avoid Spam comments and easily approve the original and genuine comments. Soon I will provide you with the Steps on Setting up Akismet.

And Finally,

Tip #7 – Don’t Forget CONTENT- The King and Backlink The QUEEN

What if you have designed an awesome blog, have added all social sharing links, there are no loopholes in your blog and you also started generating traffic, what then? Content!

If you have good content only when a user will stay on your blog and read them or bookmark it for coming back to your blog as he/she finds it useful!

Never underestimate the power of the good content! Work on other people life Through Blog Commenting For what you make happen to Others, God will make happen to you… share their Contents As well for they’ll do the same in return.

So far, So good we have been talking and talking… I think is Time you put it into practice is not about how many you’ve read that matters but how many that have been put into consideration and work on them.

I Only listed the Most Important Ones… Hang around to Get more of our Tutorials.

And in-case you have not signed up to our mailing list you do so for it saves you a huge stress and makes it easier to get our Blog Tips Right to your Mailbox.

If you have anything more in mind Other than the above mentions., Please Feel Free to talk to me through your comments! and I will respond to you as quick as possible.

About Author:

Rajendra Kholgade is a passionate blogger and runs a website called BlueHostCoupon.in. He likes to do research and write about SEO, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.


  1. Hi Rajendra, I would only add to read a lot from seasoned bloggers who have been through a lot. You can learn a lot from their mistakes. The 2nd thing I would add is to not give up. It takes at least a year or longer to really get going with a blog. People want to get to know you first and that cannot happen overnight.
    Great tips!

  2. hi Very Good Artical
    Thanks For Sharing keep up the good work

  3. Hi Ranendra,

    Nice to see you here on Vishwajeet’s blog. Blogging is hard work and like Lisa said, you need to be gentle with yourself and realize that it may take a few years before your blog really gets going.

    I know that I’ve been blogging for over a year and I am still working hard on getting my blog going. As long as you’re consistent with your blogging tasks, I have no doubt that you will see the success that you want.

    Great reminder on getting a backup system in place. I think most people ignore backups until it’s too late.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  4. Hi Rajendra,
    Really Content is the King and Backlinks are the Queen. Thanks for an awesome article.

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