Boneheaded Blogging Mistake Leading to Years of Struggle

I often see bloggers complain about working so hard for years and seeing zero results.

Other bloggers proudly explain how they have worked hard for many years and see success around the corner. No positive results yet but well on the way, they say.

Unfortunately, most bloggers from each party make a common, boneheaded mistake, leading to an endless struggle. At least until they correct the mistake.

The former bloggers feel disgusted, ready to throw in the blogging towel.

The latter blogger carries hope yet will struggle 99% of the time until they change their strategy.

What is a silly error?

Moving into failing, unsuccessful actions, again and again, for years, foolishly believing the tide will turn even though they continue to do failing, unsuccessful stuff.

Delusional Bloggers

Most bloggers are delusional.

This crowd believes you can become successful by:

  • Pitching strangers your blogging services and products via email
  • Spamming bloggers with 1 sentence, inauthentic, non-genuine comments
  • Doing anything other than creating helpful content and building genuine connections

If they will just do these things long enough, working hard enough, success is theirs, they believe.



Not true.

If you pitch strangers, spam bloggers and do anything other than creating helpful content and building connections by serving top bloggers, you can follow these strategies for 14,000 years, working 22 hours a day, and you will fail miserably for 14,000 years.

Blogging success is not dependent on:

  • Hard work
  • Long hours
  • Luck

Blogging success requires you to do smart, effective things backed with the right energy, persistently, for years.

2 Lost Blogging Souls

This past week I recall one blogger who shared how they’d spend all weekend pitching strangers through email. This was smart work, to them.

Boneheaded approach. 99% – if not 100% – of these strangers will ignore these emails.

The said blogger could follow this blind pitching tactic for 45 years. Said blogger will fail for 45 years because until you make friends with top bloggers by helping them without looking for anything in return, you’re an outsider.

Another blogger emailed me yesterday asking to place a sponsored post on Blogging From Paradise. I noted my rate. Plus I clearly explained how the rate is fixed, non-negotiable, and not to even bother emailing me back with bartering tactics.

10 minutes ago I read the first 5 sentences of his response email: “Your price is too expensive.”

I immediately labeled the email “junk” and moved on to the next email.

99.9% of top bloggers will ignore his email or “junk” it. Eventually, all of his emails will go to the junk folder, and he will potentially spend years following this dumb, mindless, desperate strategy, all of his emails winding up in junk, wasting years of his life as nobody emails these tens of thousands of emails, all of which reside in junk folders around the world.

How to Correct this Boneheaded Blogging Boo Boo 

Honestly – but gently – own your deep fears related to blogging.

The pitching bloggers mentioned fear something about blogging; likely, how creating helpful content and building strong friendships by serving top bloggers are wastes of time.

Since they did not own, feel and release these fears, they will continue doing dumb stuff until they feel and release the fear.

Be with the fear. However unpleasant. Feel it. Even if it feels highly uncomfortable, clear the fear to see more clearly.

Follow 1-2 top blogging pros in your niche.

Learn from these icons.

Patiently read their posts, buy their courses, take notes and study the notes.

Top pros teach you how to blog from an intelligent, abundant space. Far cry from the fearful-strategies shared by struggling, amateur hour bloggers.

Focus your energies on creating helpful content and building meaningful friendships with top bloggers.

Eventually, over years, business will flow to you versus you chasing and pitching any sentient being in your blogging business.

I Believe in You

Even if you are a lost blogging soul you can change course at any time.

I believe in you.

Own this boneheaded error of doing silly things but wrongly believing that doing silly things for years will yield success.

Change your energy. Change your strategy.

Doing the right things backed with the right energy – persistently – lays the foundation for a successful blogging campaign.

Blogging Resource

If you are making this silly mistake you need to dive into your fears related to blogging. Feeling the fear saps the obstacle and mistake of its fuel.

Buy my eBook:

6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears

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