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Why Content Marketing Matters So Much For SEO?

Content Marketing

“SEO” and “Content Marketing” are the terms every marketer is familiar with. But, at times the thing that makes you confused is the similarity and dissimilarity between them. Getting a better idea of how they are different or alike cannot only be helpful in strengthening your online presence, but also …

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New to PPC? We’ve Got Some Helpful Hacks

Google Adwords

Adwords Guru Perry Marshall conducted an experiment that examined the impact of language placement. Marshall ran two ads for his Pay per click  marketing agency services. Identical in every way, the only difference between these two ads was that one copy printed the benefits first, then features second. The other …

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When it comes to art, there are a million tools one can play with. Simple pouring colors on the canvas never made a legend; there is something far more significant that just getting the job done and that is being logical. Good art can do wonders; good art is abstract …

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