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VPS: What is it, and When to use it?


Web hosting is a very important aspect of a successful blog or website. You might have heard of shared hosting account, and most probably if you are first time reading about VPS (virtual private server) then you are hosted on a shared hosting account. In a shared hosting account you …

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Hostround: Affordable WordPress Hosting


WordPress is widely using by bloggers and it is one of the best CMS for blogging. To create a blog you need a domain and web hosting to host your WordPress blog. There are plenty of web hosting companies are out there, but finding a reliable web hosting company is …

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Lesser Known Web Design Facts

browser shot

To be able to understand what web design is all about, you will have to be willing to look past the apparent appeal of the website. It is what happens at the backend that makes the website appears so vivid and interactive. Different web browsers interpret websites differently due to …

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SSL , Do you need it?


Online world is so adventurous. We love to watch movies, playing games and do shopping online. But when comes to the security we always prefer sites with SSL. You have seen a green bar of the left side of the address bar when you open a HTTPS site. If you …

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VPSTrust: Reliable VPS hosting Provider.

VPS hosting

When we need a lot of resources for our website, we all consider for a VPS hosting. VPS hosting will give you optimum server resources to ensure that your website will always be online. There are thousands of VPS hosting providers are available online. But finding a reliable one is …

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4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Web Hosting

Web hosting company

  With the revolution of internet, the presence of online business companies are increasing over time and not to mention that the competition in the market is gradually increasing as well. In order to establish a good presence in the market, business companies¬†hire PHP developers or programmers to develop a …

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