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Facebook Fun Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over one billion people visit the facebook.com login page.

With such a popular following online:

It might interest you to discover some of the lesser known fun facts on Facebook.

Did you know:

Even though the average Facebook user has over 100 friends:

A recent study showed that users would only turn to 4 of them for help!

This illustrates how valuable true friends really are.

Facebook is massive (and addicting).

In fact:

One user found Facebook so addicting that he actually hired someone to slap him every time he veered off onto the social media site!

Even though Facebook contains a huge amount of data:

Our bodies contain and can hold a lot more!

Believe it or not:

A single gram of human DNA can store all of Facebook’s data with room left over!

If that doesn’t blow your mind, then how about this:

You could even store all of Google’s data into the leftover room!


Facebook generates a huge amount of revenue!


That doesn’t come without its expenses.

It costs Facebook $30 million US dollars to host their site!

In case you’re wondering:

That’s the amount Facebook pays in hosting each month!!

Discover even more mind-blowing facts on Facebook right here for you to enjoy:

 Facebook Infographic

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