Five simple, Often Ignored Factors that Can Tremendously Impact your website traffic.

Google is constantly improving the searching algorithm, to provide efficient searching results to the users and to forbid spam websites from taking higher rankings in the searching results. Whenever there is a decline in website traffic, bloggers wonder that may be Google’s penalty is responsible for killing the website traffic. But Google’s penalty is not always the reason of a tremendous drop in your website traffic. Sometimes, website traffic is cut into half because of some obvious factors, which are usually ignored by the bloggers.

 Five simple, Often Ignored Factors that Can Tremendously Impact your website traffic

Following are some of the reasons that could be responsible for low website traffic:

Your competitors have outranked your website

Every business has a competitor in the market and if your website is not getting any user engagement then may be your competitors are offering better contents than your website. There are three factors that might be the reason that your competitors are generating more traffic:

  1. They have better product and brand than you
  2. They are offering the product in better prices
  3. They might be utilizing the social media platforms better than you

To be a successful business, you need to analyze your rivals. Perform the traffic analysis of all of your rivals and find the source of their traffic. After the analysis, you will not only be able to find the lead for generating the traffic, but you will also be able to find the gaps between you and your competitors. You can also learn from the failed brands in the market and use these brands as a stepping stone to achieve a higher position and a higher brand status in the market.

Not investing time in improving the contents

Contents are called the king of a website. To get high amount of traffic in your website you need to add contents that attract the traffic.  Most of the internet users use the internet to gather knowledge.  After the user arrive at your website, you only have couple of seconds to convince the users to stay and look around in your website and it can only be possible if your contents have the power to stop the audience.

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” — Leeodden

The bloggers can make their contents more appealing by adding high definition and relevant images in the articles. The articles with HD images are said to drive an increased amount of traffic to the websites as compared to the articles with zero images. Create paragraphs with headings in the articles, to make reading easier for the audience. In addition to the images, choose an eye catching title for your article to attract more audience.

“A great headline mixed with a lame opening is like inviting someone into your house, only to slam the door in their face as they approach.” — Brianclark

Slow loading time

The loading time of a website does not only impact the SEO of a website, but it also redirect the traffic to alternative websites. Even if your website offer great contents and a clean User Interface, if it takes more than five seconds to load the web pages then the users are likely to find alternative websites. The slow loading websites even interrupt Google bots when they try to crawl the web pages for indexing and it can result in the demotion of your website rank from the searching engines results.

“You cannot succeed in business, if your website run with the speed of a turtle. If you want to win the race then you website needs to run with the speed of light”

Improving the loading speed will improve both the traffic volume and the visibility of your website in the searching engine. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Gtmetrix or

Pingdom tool to test your website speed.

High bounce rate

If your website has a high bounce rate then either you are offering poor quality contents to the users or you have chosen wrong keywords for your website.

“Create content that reaches your audience’s audience”. — Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

Affiliated companies use the social media platforms and optimize their website for the searching engines, to increase the website traffic. If your website visitors hit the back button as soon as they arrive at your home page then you won’t be able to sell your products.

To increase your brand sales, you need the audience to spend some time in your website and to check the products that your company sell. It can only be possible if you reduce the bounce rate of your website.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” — Wendy Piersall


The most common mistake that is made by the clients is that they hire the development companies who offer web solutions without Search Engine optimization. And most of the clients are not even aware of the SEO term.  Launching the website is not going to get you any traffic. To get traffic, you need to increase your website visibility in the searching engines result.  The best strategy that the client can adopt to produce an application is to hire a development company that offer web solutions that are optimized for the searching engines.

“Not performing the SEO is the same as hiding your product and expecting the customers to buy it”

There are plenty of reasons that can cause a significant drop in your website traffic, but the above mentioned factors are present in most of the websites, because the website owners either ignore these facts or they do not know how to fix them. But leaving these issues unfixed for a long period of time will result in the loss of even the little bit of traffic that your website is receiving.

About Author:

Claire Anderson is working as Senior Digital Marketer at DynamoLogic Solutions. When it comes to internet marketing, web development and iOS and Android app reviews, she’s got plenty of stuff up her sleeves to share with the world.

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  1. Its makes confusing to blogger for getting more visitors in their website. I always try to make some different things, but the visitors is very hard to bring. I think SEO and social media is great for getting more traffic. Because only social media is help me to get visitors.

  2. Thanks for reading the article. With the help of social media channels and SEO we can tremendously increase our website traffic. But driving the traffic to a website or a blog is a difficult task, because the website owners need to maintain and improve their website rank and the social media channels also require daily user engagement to promote product sales.

  3. Hello Claire,

    AWESOME guest post on traffic generation. Your points are great but I think focusing on 80/20 rules will be faster such as Making huge update within the content along can rank up from 2nd to first page (I already did it with my blog), later on getting some more user engagement will surely boost the rank (except any high competitive KW) without any link building.

    Keep up your good works!

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