Free Traffic Generation Method that works.

We all are struggling daily to get traffic for our blog. Some of the bloggers invest some money for paid advertisements to get some visitors. But there are plenty of free traffic generation methods out there by which you can get some decent visitors to your site without any cost. Here in this article I would like to share some of the most popular and effective free traffic methods, which will help you to increase your blog traffic and your blog readership. So, let’s check them out. Hope that helps you.

Free Traffic Generation Method that works

SEO: – SEO consider as one of the best free traffic methods. SEO will provide you lifetime traffic if you do some good and effective SEO works to your site. In brief making your site search engine friendly is called SEO. For example, you can make your site loads faster, Use proper Meta tags, and make your site URL structure SEO friendly. Attribute your images. Write quality and rich content etc. These are some of the on page SEO strategies that will help you to rank your site in SERP’s…

Social Media: – From the inception of social media they grow and evolved rapidly. Now almost everybody gets touched by social media sites. Facebook, Twitter is now a part of people’s lives. Social Media sites also attract companies as well. Today almost every top company have their Facebook page, twitter accounts. So, you can also use the Social Media sites to increase your blog readership. Through social Media sites you can easily interact with your audience and learn or know about what they needs or want from you.

Forums: – Forums is also one of the best and free traffic generation methods. Since some of the Google’s update has influence the forum’s performance and their linking strategies. So, now almost all forums provide you no follow links in your signature. But it still valuable to gain some quality traffic. Forums are a place where you can share your knowledge and experiences and also learn from others. So, the quality of traffic that you will get from forums is really best.

Guest Post: – However recent Google’s update ruins the Guest posting. But I want to clear you that there is a misconception in bloggers that Guest blogging is Dead. This is not true. Google has penalized guest blogging sites which have low or thin content and use Guest blogging as link farming. So, if your write quality and rich posts, then it is ok to do it. Always remember don’t use Guest blogging as link farming which will consider as spam. It will still give you some Good results.

Blog Commenting: – Blog Commenting has no SEO score but it will eventually drive quality traffic to your site. When you read an article on other blog and drop a relevant comment which will add value to the post than people will definitely visit your blog. I personally found this method very effective.

So, Here are the few free traffic generation methods that’s really helps you to get traffic to your site without any costs. I hope that this article will help you a lot. If you have any thoughts about these traffic methods you can share it with us by just commenting below. Thanks for reading.


Vishwajeet Kumar

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