Habits to Enhance your Productivity as a FreeLancer

Have you a question about to increase productivity as a freelancer?If your answer is no the keep doing as you already do. If your answer is yes then learn how to increase your work performance or work efficiently.

Being a freelancer you are thinking you have much time to do work but it’s wrong. As a freelancer to maintain a productivity is very difficult than you work at an office. Because no one is checking you are fulfilling your target or not. As a freelancer when your productivity drops your client may be frustrate you and maybe they will not assign you a project in future. Giving a freedom to yourself is very good and it is a very good career option as a freelancer.

how to increase productivity

Every task comes with responsibilities and some finite deadline. Either you are working as a full- time job or as a freelancer you should finish or attempt all work within a stipulated time period so that it will not hamper other projects.

As you hear already time is waiting for none. It is continuously run.Your working habits and delay your project impact performance your writing. So it’s your decision you want to increase your productivity or not.

When you are working as a freelancer at home maintaining productivity is very difficult especially you are surrounded by distractions facts like noise.

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Do you realize that you can become a successful content freelancer writer if you manage your time very efficiently? More focus and strict on your time and schedule can let towards new success of height.

Here are some tips to improve your productivity? It’s time to act upon it.

1. Planning is the best policy to start any work:

you can start your work by changing something in it. A schedule is a very important factor for any person whether he is doing a job or working as a freelancer. Just stick your schedule very hard. After some days you will see the best result for this.

The best way to keep your schedule is to make your weekly or monthly schedule. As you get work from your client mark a deadline stipulated time on a calendar as per your competency.

If you get many works at a time please check your schedule first before making any commitment to any client.This practice helps to finish your work at the time or smooth workflow.

take a breakPlanning helps you maintaining work discipline and helps you to make extra income at home. Set a deadline and work as organized way help to increase your productivity as a freelancer.

Take a break 5 minutes in every 50 is very important. This is why you can focus on your work. A productive freelancer writer is a person who can understand the importance of its client and attempt every work with a full concentration.


2. Communication is very important:

communication is importantAs you a freelance writer you interaction is client and colleagues are very important. It is not just limited to email, text, and phone calls, but also personal meeting and video conferencing are important.

It is very important to build a good relationship with other and keep them in a loop of your business activities. This will help you establish your name as a good freelancer.



3. Set your Goals:

Setting a Goal is very important to do any work. Without a goal our life is aimless. It is like a standing train without an engine. Goal keeps our clear vision of our life. Set a long, middle and long-term goals. This will help to accomplish your task which you have set according to your schedule.Long-term goals shape your short terms goals. Spent some time thinking something unique and if you develop some new idea then write it down.

set your goals

4. Create to-do Lists:

use your Goal list to create To-do list on daily basis. You can use or create your to-do list by using the desktop app. The mobile app, online app or by using the traditional method pen or pencil. Create on your format you prefer so that you can plan or stay focus on your work.

Create the next to- do list on end of each end of the day.

5. Don’t try to be a multitasking:

Actually, multitasking word came from computer terminology. Many persons feel that we can achieve more by doing many tasks at a time. But actually, it’s not true. In fact, doing one task with full attention is much better rather do multi-tasks at a time. Spreading your attention on the multi task at a time will lead to diminishing your quality and productivity of your work. Focus on one task at a time will hike your productivity along with your quality of work.

6. Eliminate distraction:

Apportion your certain time to check your social media and email account. Rather than keeping your Facebook and other social media account open on the desktop, this will also degrade your performance while working. The best thing about this you can check your emails and other accounts twice a day with some fixed time. You can also read and respond your emails in some long batches. Like you can read 40 e-mails at one hour batch and respond them and another left e-mail you can read on another batch.

7. Set up your office properly:

The one other most important thing is cleanliness. Keep your office neat and clean. All files and other documents should be properly organized in a file. Having only essential things like pen, paper, printer and phone near your computer table.Cluttered and disarrange things near your table will negatively affect your mood which will directly affect your performance.Take some time in the morning to set up your office.

set up office


Before starting any work or project you should promise yourself to complete a stipulated work within a day. There are some chances will come you will think to postpone your work on next day. Don’t do that. Take help others wherever need.

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  1. Hi Sushant,

    Great article. In all areas of life productivity is essential. And as a freelancer working from home, productivity play the most important role to the success of your marketing efforts.

    In order to achieve this, you must have a content creation strategy, a plan – which includes but not limited to a to-do-list. There are lots of tools that can help you in this regard, if you can do it manually.

    Evernote is one of the best tools that will help you.

    Thanks for sharing.

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