How a Toothless Internet Marketing can contribute To Destroying your Brand.

Every company uses internet marketing to promote their brand, services and products over the internet. For internet marketing, affiliated companies need to use the social media platforms. The social media platforms are used to create relationships and trust between the customers.  If the companies do not utilize the social media channels, then the customers would not even notice the existence of a particular brand.

How a Toothless Internet Marketing can Contribute

Every enterprise produces a different marketing strategy to promote and increase their sales. The most commonly used social media channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. If these channels are used correctly, then a large number of customers can be redirected to the business website, but to stand out in the market, the sale companies require an effective marketing strategy. A lack of marketing can correlate to decrease in the sales opportunities and unproductive marketing strategies can contribute to destroying the brand name.

Following are some of the major internet marketing mistakes that are a result of an ineffective and what we call a toothless marketing strategy:

Having too many social media accounts

There are dozens of social media platforms that get thousands of users on daily basis.

The companies create accounts on every famous social media platform, to drive huge amount of traffic to their website, despite their inability to engage and share contents with the followers. To get traffic from the social channels, you need to share relevant content.

If you want to maintain your position in many social media channels then it will only distribute your attention and as a result you may reduce the quality of your content. Content is very important for marketing as it is a means to interact with the customers. Having low quality content is the same as having no content.

“Remember your followers are likely following hundreds or even thousands of other people. If you’re not publishing new content as often as the other accounts out there, it’s easy to get lost and forgotten.”Dominique Jackson

If you want to increase your sales then you need to develop a specific strategy for managing different social media channels. If you are unable to utilize a proper strategy, the users will end up abandoning all of your social media channels.

Ignoring the Competitors

To make a successful brand, the companies need to keep an eye on their competitors to find about their products. You need to know about the strength and the weaknesses of your competitors. Customers always have the option of an alternative brand. If you want your brand to take over the market, then you need to explain to the customers what makes your brand any different than the rest of the brands in the market.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Coco Chanel

If you fail to introduce your brand to the customers, then they will end up buying the products of your competitors.

You can analyze your competitors to earn a higher position in the market by avoiding grave mistakes. Competition analysis will help you to not only save your time and money, but you can also use this analysis to find the gaps in the market which you can utilize to increase your sales.

Depending only on the Ads

You cannot attract the users through the ads only. Users usually ignore the advertisements. If you want to increase your sales then you also need to invest some of your time in social media platforms to interact with the users. By interacting and engaging with the users, you will be able to build a level of trust with your audience.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I don’t know which half.”

Lord Leverhulme

You can use both social media platforms and PPC (Pay Per Click)/ads to generate great amount of traffic.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Henry Ford

To spend time on both ads and social media channels, you need to create a plan to properly manage your time between ads and social media channels.

Ignoring search engine visibility

The most common mistake that is made by the companies is that they ignore their visibility in the searching engine. If you want to double your sales then you need to increase your visibility in the searching engines. Most of the brands fail because the user cannot reach them. If you want your customers to reach you then you need to optimize your website for the searching engines.

“Integrating your search and social efforts brings better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.” – BrightEdge

You cannot use a single strategy to increase your sales, you need to use a combinations of different techniques to produce larger difference in sales.

Targeting wrong platforms

Most of the brands fail in the market because the marketers fail to choose the right platform for their product marketing. To increase the sales of a product, the marketers need to research about the social media platforms where their target audience spend most of their time. Spending time on the platforms where your potential customers spend least of their time will only waste your effort, which you can utilize efficiently to gain more customers.

Over introducing the brand

If you keep talking about your brand all the time then the audience will start to ignore you.

“To succeed in business you need to be original, but you also need to understand what your customers want.” – Richard Branson

If you want your audience to reach out to you, then you need to share content and ideas with your customers that are useful to them. When sharing your ideas with the customer do not forget that you are doing it for marketing purposes. Spend 50% of your time on content and 50% time on marketing.

The competition in the market is very tough. Without an effective strategy, you won’t be able to maintain your position in the market and in return the customers would only decline your product. A declined product would not only destroy your brand image, but it would also damage the reputation of the business. Once a business loses its credibility, it is difficult to get back on foot.

“One of the biggest differences between effective content marketers and those who fail is a documented strategy.” – Patricia Redsicker

If you want your brand to be successful, then you need to produce a highly effective marketing plan to outrank your competitors.

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  1. Hey Vishwajeet ,

    You are right. Every company has its own internet marketing strategy. Social media plays an important role in marketing and promotion.

    You got it right. It’s necessary to focus on a few social networking platforms. You don’t need to have an account on every social networking website.

    Great points.

    1. Hi Ravi Chahar, thanks for reading my article. Adding multiple social media accounts only distribute the attention of the marketers, which only reduce the quality of the contents. We should always focus on the quality not the quantity.

  2. This is really nice post and I guess you are utterly right about the internet marketing thing and its role on destroying the brand.

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