How High Is Your Internet Marketing PE Score?

10 years ago I could rank on page 1 of Google for a hyper competitive keyword by using crappy black hat marketing tactics.

No real thought, or planning, went into old school, black hat tactics from a decade ago.

Keyword stuffing.

Spammy backlink building.

Google did not turn a blind eye to these approaches. The folks at the Big G did not have a system in place to effectively combat black hat tactics.

Fast forward a decade.

Virtually all sites reaching page 1 for any competitive keyword deserve the ranking.

Look at any keyword in the internet marketing niche and you will likely find Neil Patel sniffing at page 1, if his blog post doesn’t rank #1 on page 1 for the keyword or key phrase.

The guy understands; you need a super high, through the roof internet marketing PE Score to succeed online.

What is your internet marketing PE Score?

Why it’s your Persistent Education Score, of course

Persistent Education

Smart internet marketers are always learning, testing and tweaking to remain ahead of the curve.

10 years ago I did struggle quite a bit but avoided the cruddy, stupid black hat tactics used by many bloggers and marketers. These fools believed that black hat would last forever. Meanwhile, folks who educated themselves regularly, learning every single day, saw the shift in black hat to white hat slowly taking place.

Content rich blogs with high quality backlinks began to sneak onto page 1 of Google, usurping the silly, black hat driven sites thin on content but thick on chicanery.

The only reason why I spotted this shift was because I kept learning, persistently educating myself about the latest and greatest high energy, valued, smart internet marketing strategies.

These days, lasting success is earned, not gamed, in internet marketing. Old school gamers vanished from the scene years ago, being beaten down by the high volume of Google Updates designed to exterminate the black hat vermin to make room for us shining white hat knights, the group of internet marketers who publish helpful content and build meaningful bonds generously and persistently.

How to Raise Your PE Score

Raising your PE score is simple; educate yourself on your niche every single day.

I answer questions on Quora and the Warrior Forum daily to get a pulse on the blogging tips niche. Between answering questions and reading answers from veteran bloggers I both teach and learn. Actually, teaching is one of the best ways to learn, or to educate yourself, because teaching concepts solidifies the idea in your mind.

Follow 3 to 5 top blogs in your niche. Read blog posts. Buy products. Feast in a frenzy on the delectable content served up regularly.

Your PE Score will go through the roof if you commit 100% to learning your niche inside-out, studying the latest and greatest news on a daily basis.

Put Your Ego to the Side

Some folks believe I am one of the best bloggers on earth in my niche.

I believe the bribe money hit just in time.

Joking of course, but even though I see myself as no big deal, I do have a decade of experience in my niche. I could believe I know all there is to know about blogging but am not deluded in that way, and also know that leaders are readers. Or how leaders in all niches are constantly learning, asking for advice, consulting their coaches and receiving mentoring.

I am a blogging sponge, soaking up helpful information from blogging pros, raising my PE Score daily.

The only way to keep succeeding is to keep learning, to evolve, to create, to connect and to be up to date on what works these days and what does not work.

A decade ago, if you had a Myspace page and AOL account you were kewl beans.

Today those sites are dinosaurs, as is the “kewl beans” phrase.

5 years ago if you had a self hosted WordPress blog you stood out from the crowd.

Today, having a self hosted WordPress blog, a podcast and a nice collection of self-published eBooks on Amazon to your name makes you stand out from the crowd.

Learn, guys.

Persistently educate yourself to stay current and to best educate your followers.


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