How is Artificial Intelligence Empowering eCommerce Stores

Gone are the days when you see the concept of artificial intelligence in science fiction movies, robotics, and comics. Nowadays, there are no fields that have been remained untouched by this disruptive technology. From security checks at the airport, self-control car to enhanced user experience, artificial intelligence is almost everywhere.

How is Artificial Intelligence Empowering eCommerce Stores

If you really want to see how this disruptive technology is changing our lives, there are no better options available than seeing its impact on eCommerce industry.

Nowadays, most of the eCommerce stores are using this technology to give their customers more personalized shopping experience. In fact, as per the report of Business Insider, more than 85% of customer interaction in the eCommerce industry will be done without human by 2020. And why not? If you can respond to your customers more efficiently using these automated technologies, using your human talent in other areas is surely a smart move to take your business to a new height of success.

If you have no idea about the ABC of eCommerce and artificial intelligence, you should read this blog to know how this disruptive technology is empowering eCommerce businesses to serve their customers in a far better way.

  • Creating More Personalized Customer Experience

Technology is changing day by day and so as the expectations of the users. Gone are the days, when having a well-designed eCommerce store was enough to start earning money online. Well, creating a beautiful and unique website is still important, but you need to keep your approach more customers centric to exceed the expectation of both users and search engines. With the help of AI, you can give your customers more personalized services. How so? Artificial intelligence as per its name analyzes a vast set of data in order to understand the similarities between customers, credit checks, past purchasing behavior, and other common threads. It analyzes millions of transactions every day in order to offer an outstanding shopping experience to a single customer.

AI not only helps in offering outstanding customer experience, but it also enables businesses to have an access to rich insights regarding clients behavior before, during, and after the purchase.

  • Helps in Improving Customer Services

AI made its place in the eCommerce industry by introducing chatbots that are programmed specifically to resolve the customer queries related to a specific brand, product or service without any human interaction.

Doing conversation with chatbots are exciting as they can resolve queries far promptly than customer service representative. By integrating chatbots in your eCommerce store you will not only able to offer prompt services to your customers but also free your service representative to focus on other tasks to meet and exceed the customer expectation.

  • Advanced Search Features

AI is transforming the way search engines functions and thereby making it easier for customers to search exactly what they are looking for. It empowers visual and voice searches to help users find exactly what they are in need of in an easy and quick manner. By giving visual search option in your eCommerce store, you can enable your customers to search items by images easily and quickly.

Apart from visual searches, voice search is also on the rise. This is probably because of the advancement of AI personal assistants like Google assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa etc. Voice and visual searches not only help in boosting customer experience but also defining a new way of online shopping.

  • Right Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the factors that determine conversions in the retail industry. AI along with big data and machine learning amazingly helps companies in creating effective pricing strategies. With the help of this disruptive technology, you easily optimize the product prices as per the deals, listings, and discounts offered by competitors.

  • Manage Finance & Accounting

Managing finance and account will not be a matter of concern in next few years. Artificial intelligence application will make this task for eCommerce store owners quite simple and hassle-free.

eCommerce industry is at its boom and will stay in the future as well. As AI intelligence is becoming smarter and efficient with every passing day, eCommerce businesses need to integrate this innovative technology to harness its power to deliver an amazing shopping experience to every user.

AI-driven technology will not only thrill users with an amazing shopping experience but also empower eCommerce stores by offering improved customer experiences, brand loyalty, generate leads at a much faster pace and engaging sellers with the right prospects.

Hope, you have a good understanding of how AI empowers eCommerce businesses. If you are also considering utilizing this technology, you should approach an experienced and specialized eCommerce website development company in order to leverage the best benefits of artificial intelligence. By analyzing the services, portfolio, and experience of different companies, you can easily find the one that will help you in empowering your eCommerce store.

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  1. Hello
    Indeed, artificial intelligence has changed the online world and makes our work easier and faster. In today’s digital world, there are lots of amazing technologies has come and it’s used in different places for different tasks.

    You have well explained how artificial Intelligence is empowering eCommerce stores and it is very informative.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  2. AI is definitely on the rise, A 😉 Because I see chat bots all over the place. I dig it on one level because it gives us more leveraging potential. I do enjoy human interaction but see the need for chat bots as we proceed. Gotta go with the flow, ya know? 😉 Fab points all around here.


  3. Wowwww Amazing Article Vishwajeet….
    I was searching this information from other sites but now i found this useful information on your site… Thanks for sharing us this useful knowledge…
    Thank you sooooo much

  4. Singh, I so much agree with you. AI has affected every single industry as we speak today. Any industry that are yet to be touched will be touched or grounded.

    In our own niche, being the insurance niche, AI is doing a great job already especially in the car insurance area. It helps us monitor insurance fraud.

    Thanks for your deep insight on AI. I think I need to write a post on this.

  5. Hi Abhinav,

    Artificial intelligence is on the rise. Using a chat box is so important especially if one has a niche site. People are more apt to ask questions on a niche site than anywhere else. Although I rather engage on a human level, having a few niche sites I would rather use Artificial Intelligence for them. Thanks so much,


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