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How Not to Do Blogger Outreach

How Not to Do Blogger Outreach

I read an email earlier today.

I had never spoken to the individual before.

Meaning that the lead in was a lie.

Poor start to the relationship, eh?

As I read through the email – usually I delete such emails immediately, but received 4 of these pitch like emails in a row and wanted to dissect this one – I quickly saw why the entrepreneur struggled to grow their business.

No successful entrepreneur reaches out to folks in such fashion. This is a shot in the dark. Tossing darts at a board while blindfolded.

This is the farthest thing from an intelligent, focused, genuine, sound strategy for a few reasons, each of which shows how not to do blogger outreach.

Zero Targeting

I never have expressed any interest in having a branded ad created for my Blogging From Paradise brand. Not once. My brand logo helped me to be featured on Virgin. That is Richard Branson’s blog.

Unless this individual has placed many of their customer’s brand logos on billionaire blogs, they ain’t doing a better job than my developer Phillip Dews did.

Of course, I never reached out to this person to ask to have a logo designed.

With zero targeting, and zero planning, the person reached out to me blindly.

Silly approach. Failing approach.

Be The Hunted. Not The Hunter.

Learn your craft. Create helpful content. Build connections with top entrepreneurs in your niche. Allow business to flow to you.

I don’t chase. I attract.


The person led off the email with “I am having a really tough time getting a hold of you.”

If I am in a good mood, I laugh it off.

If I am in a bad mood – those rare moments, I know – I feel that the clown is a rude SOB and label their email spam, to ensure more of their emails wind up in spam folders.

Why would you ever cold email someone by leading off with a rude, impersonal, touchy introduction?

Asinine approach.

Be nice. Be pleasant. Personalize all emails. Lead off with a cordial greeting.

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No Relationship Building

This person was a complete, utter stranger to me. I never once saw their name pop up anywhere online.

Even worse? I never saw the individual comment on my blog or buy one of my eBooks or retweet one of my blog posts.

This is a problem. Thousands of people comment on my blog, buy my eBooks and retweet my blog posts, all without looking for anything in return.

Who do I think about first when considering business partnerships, or co-promotion, or joint ventures? The thousands of people who promote me freely without looking for anything in return.

Generous people grab my attention. Friends grab my attention. Relationship builders grab my attention. Patient people grab my attention.

The only reason this person grabbed my attention was because I could dissect this email as a case study, to show exactly how not to do blogger outreach.

The solution: promote other bloggers through social media and through your blog. Do not look for anything in return. Give freely. Assist people. Support people. In time, your free giving leads to bonding, and friendship building. Some of your buddies may even promote you. More bonding. More blogging buddies.

As blogging friendships form, all types of sweet opportunities arise, business and otherwise.

You won’t even need to seek business; business will flow to you.

Do not chase. Attract.  Don’t use fear to try to drum up business. Use power to allow business to flow to you.

The Individual

I have no doubts this individual was taught to do business this way from a failing entrepreneur, or perhaps their desperation or other fear-based driver influenced them to do things this way.

The scattershot blogger outreach approach does not work, guys.

Give freely – persistently – to receive easily.

The eBook

If you want to do blogger outreach the right way buy my eBook:

13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

About the Author

Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.



  1. Hey Ryan,
    You said the right word”I don’t chase I attract”. Definitely, bro, you do this. Great ways you have shoed for outreach blogger. Relationship and helping mentality are the basic things in this profession. Keep calm and answer politely to the emails is really important.
    Thanks bro for sharing another useful post. Keep it up.

  2. Hey Ryan!

    Good to see you here!

    You’ve said it, reaching out to someone who has no clue who you are or have never even seen your name online, is rude!

    That is what some call “cold marketing”. Which it never really works (especially online).

    You have to build rapport with the person you want to do business with. We are talkinig about blogging here, so, there are many ways to build a relationship with a blog owner prior to reaching out for something.

    You can leave valuable comments on the blog, and engage with the community on a consistent basis, for an instance. You can also find these bloggers on social media. Follow them and engage with the content they put out. Just be an active person always looking to help others in your niche market, the relationships will be built alongside that journey. Help first, and then the help comes back around in due time 😀

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Cheers! 🙂

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I learned from you that you first have to build the relationship online before you reach out. I have never tried reaching out to someone before working on the relationship.

    Like Freddy, I consider this rude.

    The funny thing is that it’s not hard to build relationships online. Yes it takes time because you have to leave worthy comments and share their content for several weeks or months before reaching out. However, this is a great way to build online relationships.

    Just by taking the time to comment and share other people’s content, I’ve made some amazing friends online. No one wants to be approached by a complete stranger who asks them for something.

    We all work hard on our business. You can’t expect someone to help you just because you’re brand new. You have to put in the hard work on the front end, then maybe you might get some help.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  4. Hey Ryan,
    You’ve said it, reaching out to someone who has no clue who you are or have never even seen your name online, is rude!

    That is what some call “cold marketing”. Which it never really works (especially online).

  5. Hey Ryan…

    Truly amazing post. Relationship building is very important. I personally experience this thing, It felt so bad when someone don’t respond on your mail even after two three followups.
    It better to connect with them build a solid relation. Search blogger that have similar niche as you, connect with them through social media, blog comments etc. These things really help.
    It’s great to read this, Thanks for sharing.


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