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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan from Scratch

Social media-no longer an optional medium for startups, small and large-scale business- has turned into an essential manner of connecting with your target audiences and establishing healthy bonds with them while stabilizing grounds for a prosperous future.

When thousands and millions of brands are clamoring to capture the attention of target customers, you need to fuel up with some innovative and results-driven social media strategies. To guide you about maximizing outcomes through a robust social media strategy, here is a list of elements you should consider and incorporate into your marketing plan. Keep reading!

Set Your Objectives

Before jumping on any platform to begin your work you need to first create a pathway to follow, this path is called objectives. You should aim to achieve certain goals to optimize your progress. Do not go all blind while sketching a marketing plan. Outlining objectives ensure efficiency and professionalism. You can add objectives like increasing lead per month, brand advocacy, boost brand engagements, nurture leads, new sales and revenues, improve customer service, enhance influence in your country, and widen up your clientele.


Among the foremost elements of a social media strategy, research, which is divided into two groups- audience and competitors, is imperative to carry out. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Know your Target Audience

Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is a must to do thing. You should learn about buyer’s persona is, and the things that can engage your customers. Follow the forums, chat groups, review sections or carry out a quick survey to know the needs and demands of your target audience. Moreover, you will get to know about their preferences and the elements that can help you design a successful marketing strategy.


Keep a close check on the performance of your competitors. Check the way they are selling their products and pitching the customers. Note the platforms they are using that must be suitable for your social media marketing.

Plan Your Content

As much as the research part is important, planning a compelling content is imperative as well. However, you must know which platform to work on; every platform has a distinct manner of creating relationships and interactive bonds with users. For instance, use if hashtags to gather traffic was a trend on Twitter, and posting videos and pictures along with writing engaging wall post are common on Facebook. So, when planning on the content part just have a clear view of the platform and then head towards it. Add captivating pictures, news of your organization and live videos to keep your viewers updated and connected with your brand.

The content can be categorized into two parts:


It includes content related to the news, uploads, and events happening to whiten the organization. It is necessary for creating a strong bond with your target audience therefore by keeping them well-updated about the insight of the company you not only generate awareness but also add credibility to your firm.


It includes content related to happenings all around the globe. For instance, Labour Day, New Year or any news related to big-scale corporate events.

Outline Your Social Media Growth Activities


Engagement is a significant aspect of building relationships and turning leads into customers. Hence, you need to plan your strategy to receive potential outcomes to track your progress and to create an anchor for your efforts. Create daily, weekly and monthly targets to ensure regularity.

For example when it comes to enhancing your brand’s engagement you need to proactively connect with customers, likewise, the weekly target will be to find and connect with five new prospective clients and the monthly target will be to analyses post generating maximum outcomes.

Track Your Performance

The most important thing while working on social media sites is tracking of progress. There are a number of tools, which can help you keep a close watch over your analytics related to keyword ranking, reach, the probability of conversion, number of traffic per post, conversion rates, and effectiveness of your marketing strategies. You can carry out a comprehensive analysis of your social media marketing performance.  To implement proper and successful tracking you can plan before beginning. For instance

If your objective is to generate leads, the metric must indicate the growth of average leads generated via social media, if it is to increase brand awareness then the statistics should indicate about the growth of your social media reach.

Summing up

Social media platforms are crowded with diversified and potential customers. You must know the right tactics and implement them to generate most outcomes. Over social media sites, one thing should be kept in mind and that is consistency. You need to have consistency and innovation in your post.

Moreover, keep a particular emphasis on the grammar of your post.  A poorly written post can strike a blow to the credibility of your brand and leaves an unprofessional image behind. On post having major references you should cite the sources as well and here APA reference generator comes to play, it not only saves time but provide flawless results.

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  1. Hi Julia, I love your suggestion about tracking what your competitors do on a different social media sites and such. That’s a great idea.
    How do you track your audience better though? I’ve done some surveys but not many answer all the questions and such.
    Thanks! Tracking this stuff is really important today too as they are many more ways folks come to our websites and blogs. (I do love Google Analytics for it. )

    • Hi,

      I do love google analytics as well. But every platform has its own analytics tool. They are not complete, but they are pretty handy. They give you basic informations regarding your audiences. If you want to track your audience better, you need to post at different times and track their responses.

      That being said, you can always go a tool; ” Histats”. Its free and easy to use. .

  2. Hi Kumar,

    This post is really great I just saved it offline so that later I can practice it and also share it with my friends. Keep posting great articles.


  3. Hi Julia,

    I wish I would’ve read this before I started my social media promotion. When I started, I had no clue what I was doing.

    All I did was create my accounts and then I spent countless hours on the sites. I ended up wasting so much time because I had no plan or strategy.

    I’ve finally started focusing on just one platform, which is Pinterest. For the past month, I’ve made it a point to sit down and create a plan or strategy.

    Guess what, I am finally starting to understand the platform. My results are getting better.

    I truly believe that if I would’ve actually taken the time to learn the ins and outs of just one social media platform, I would’ve had better success from the start.

    Your tips will definitely help so many new bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, have a great day 🙂


  4. Well, now there is no need to build up a plan from scratch because you have shared a brilliant strategy to get things on right track.

    Here is just need to know that how hashtags in social media sharing can help to boost traffic? Really they help?

  5. Its very nice to here from you about the social media marketing.Thanks for sharing this great article.

  6. Hi Julia,

    Social media is a drastically changed to content marketing. It’s very more understanding to professionals.

    Their cases are exceptional.
    Monitoring Ads is a skeptical growth for personal branding.
    I like every point and tips you shared here keep up the good work

  7. Hi Julia,

    These are wonderful tips on creating a social media marketing plan. We have to keep things congruent in order for people to recognize who we are and what we do. This is no easy task because we have to outline a plan and the end goal is our call to action.

    Social media is just that….social. We have to first come from a place of compassion for others. Once we have this in our heart, we start to plan material that will be beneficial to others. We can do a week by week topic and at the end, give a good CTA for folks to grab our free eBook, or anything else we can offer.


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