5 Tips on How to Do Blogger Outreach the Right Way

How to Do Blogger Outreach the Right Way

Building relationships with your target readers are crucial to your success as a blogger. In fact, it is a precursor on how to do blogger outreach successfully.

After all, who else would read your blog other than the people who are interested in your topic?

Also, they won’t automatically come to your blog every time you publish a post on your blog. You need to reach out and let readers know that you have a blog post that they might be interested in reading.

If you neither have a mailing list nor an existing readership, then all the more reason why you should learn how to do blogger outreach. It is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience and make your blog known.

In this post, you will learn how to do blogger outreach and develop a successful blogger outreach campaign to drive more traffic to your site and get more people engaged with your content.

Five steps on how to do blogger outreach

1. Find influencers

To efficiently maximize the results of your outreach, you need to determine the influences in your target audience. Find people with lots of social followers and a vibrant blog audience to contact and reach out to.

What makes influencers idea for blogger outreach is their social foothold. If they share your content on social media, then hundreds and thousands of their followers will become more aware of your brand. More awareness to your site results to greater traffic!

In practice, you have to manually search Google for your target keyword to find blogs and sites relevant to your niche. Then, you have to check their social media accounts to see if they have a built a substantial following over time.

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While doing these steps will help you find influencers in your niche, it is a time-consuming process that will keep you from attending more pressing matters about your blog. Instead, you can use a tool like a Buzzsumo or Ninja Outreach to help you find influencers with a few clicks of a button. By typing your niche, you will be able to see influencers based on their Twitter following and website statistics.

2. Create content for influencers

If you don’t have high-quality content that you can share with influencers, you need to build one from the ground up.

You must research for content topics that resonate with the influencers and mobilize them to share it. A quick look at their social media activities and the posts they share there is a start. Find topics that they love sharing and compile the posts related to it.

Once you have the resource, you must create a better version of the content the influencer shares. The goal is to create a definitive guide to the topic by taking bits and pieces of information found in the shared content. By presenting the finished product to influencers, there’s an excellent chance that influencers will share them!

3. Build relationships

As mentioned earlier, you can’t just request influencers to link or share your post without establishing rapport with them first. You can start by sharing their content on social media, retweeting their posts, commenting on their posts, and more. The idea is to introduce who you are to them.

By actively promoting and engaging with them on different social channels, they will remember you and become more receptive to your approaches. From here, you can use your newfound relationship as a springboard to your outreach emails.

4. Reach out to them via email

You DMs on social media will probably fall on deaf ears. This reason is why emailing them is very important. A good blogger outreach strategy requires you to find the emails of influencers so you can share with them your article. Since people check their emails more often than not, you have a better chance of getting a reaction from the influencer.

You can search their website for a contact form that you can fill out. Or the influencers have published their email address there so you can send them using your mail client.

If you can’t find their email, you can enlist the help of tools like Find that Lead. It will uncover the most likely email address of influencers from their Twitter or LinkedIn profiles. You can grab the email so you can send them your outreach message via email.

5. Pitch!

The message you will send to them is essential. There are lots of blogger outreach templates and approach you can use in your email. However, the problem with templates is that influencers may have had received them from other people before. Therefore, it is better to use the templates as a jumping point to create a unique and customized outreach email.

Another critical factor in a successful blogger outreach campaign is the follow-up. You can’t expect all people to reply to your initial outreach email. You need to send another email reminding them of the first one you sent. You can manually keep track of the influencers you’ve reached to using a spreadsheet. Also, there are blogger outreach tools you can use to simplify the process. Ninja Outreach lets you send and keep them of outreach emails you’ve posted. However, it is a paid tool so you need to consider whether or not you can shoulder the monthly costs first before using it.

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If you’re running a blogger outreach on a tight budget, you can use a free CRM tool to save you to trouble. You can treat influencers as prospects that you can plug into your sales funnel as indicated in the free tool.

Did you learn how to do blogger outreach in this post?

Hopefully, I’ve covered in detail how you can develop a blogger outreach strategy that will help build your profile to influencers and get them to share or link to your post. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to do:

  • Find influencers via Google Search or blogger outreach tools like Buzzsumo or Ninja Outreach
  • Create content that influencers will most likely share on social media or link on their site
  • Before sending an email, establish a rapport with them first
  • Find a way on how to contact influencers, whether it’s via their contact form or email
  • Develop your blogger outreach approach to send to influencers

Did I miss any steps above? Please share them by commenting below!

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  1. The best way to do blogger outreach is to start by building relationships. How do you do that? Connect with them on social media, read their blog posts, share their content across channels, comment on their blogs, reach to them via emails, etc. These activities will get you noticed by those you want to bond with. And when they notice and reciprocate the gesture, a relationship has been established. At this point, you need to nurture that relationship by regularly engaging them on all platforms including website.

    Then you can pitch them and have a hearing ear – success.

    1. There’s nothing more than I can add to your comment, Moss. It’s perfect! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about blogger outreach 🙂

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