How to increase your Domain Authority

In SEO world we often heard or talked about the term DA (Domain Authority) And PA (Page Authority) actually these are metrics Created by the MOZ to measure the score of your domain and pages in many aspects like backlinks, Content quality and so on.

Domain Authority completely different than page authority and depends on many things but most importantly counts your link profile. Link profiles are the number of quality links pointed out to your site. It counts by 1-100. 1-20 is normal counts and gaining 20 to 40 is much harder. You will not get it quickly hence it takes some time and you have to be patient.


Here in this article, I will show you How to increase your Domain Authority.

Improve Your Site SEO – This will include some technical stuff like the structure of your site, how much navigation friendly, Meta tags condition, URL structure which is very important, breadcrumbs, keywords, and headings tag setup, image optimizations, keyword density, and internal link building and so on. Make your site user-friendly not the Google bot friendly. Your site provides valuable and rich content to your users. Make your site to navigate easily and quickly don’t try to use hidden links or doorways and cloaking the links. Use appropriate Meta tags. Make your URL structure clean and short. Optimize your images which will drastically compress and reduce your images size which makes your site and images load fastly.

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 Linking With Visitor – How unique is your content, how much it is useful to readers. try to bring something new, some very useful tips or tutorials or piece of information that is very informative and eye catchy. Try to win readers, heart, do everything that you need for the sake of your visitors. Write quality and unique contents which will make a reason for your visitors to visit your site first. Illustrate the topic clearly which you are writing about. You can use pictures in your posts.

Internal Linking – Google loves this. Try to know your blog, see a glance, keep up to date with your blog, and try to do topics related internal link building. Google bots like this, its very good practice for your site. It’s very much important and I really mean it. This will not only help you to get index by Google quickly, it will also decrease your site bounce rate by getting your visitors to another post on your blog or website.

Cleanup Bad Links – Try to find out bad links; try to clean up that bad links. Try to maintain a schedule for your site. Do not wait for the penalty for your bad backlinks and remove it as early as possible. Try to make your URL clean and short, don’t use special characters to your URLs. It will harm your ranking as well.

Patience – It’s all about patience, as it is a slow process. It’s not that you wrote an article, did some backlinks and voila, your site is in ranking. You have to spend time and create a strategy for your site. Be focus on what you are doing with your site. Don’t try to do it quickly as it will harm your site performance and ranking. Always remember: “Slow and steady wins the race”


I hope that this few points will help you to increase your domain authority. You simply just have to follow these few points and that’s it you will get your result. I will soon write about Page authority also, so, stay tuned. If you have any questions and suggestions regarding this topic, you are highly welcome to share it with us by commenting below.

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7 Comments on “How to increase your Domain Authority”

  1. Hi Vishwajeet,

    This is one thing most marketers are often looking for how to do. However, I don’t really think that having a big domain authority really matters that much, except you’re targeting private advertisers.

    However, i believe that if you do everything you should do such as blogging consistently, doing good internal linking, and also attracting outbound links, your domain authority will naturally increase even without you knowing it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Anil,

      You are absolutely right. Domain Authority does not reflect your search engine rankings. However, It is still a big term to measure a site’s performance in search engines.

      Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. very informative post. I will use the suggestions discussing here for optimizing my new blog site.This post will be very helpful for the beginner SEO worker who are new in this field.
    Keep posting this type of helpful post.
    With best wishes.

  3. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Your article great, and I like it. However, I agree with Anil that if you’re able to do everything correctly, then domain authority will come naturally. Even though if happens, one also need to make the effort to enhance his chances to establish an authority domain.

    The tips in your article will sure help as much. But there are other ways that has worked pretty well, such as: optimizing your on-page content. This strategy involves optimizing your Meta tags, title tags, image alt tags, etc.

    And now that Google has announced and implement mobile-first indexing strategy, the is more need to make your site mobile-friendly. All these steps will help improve your domain authority.

    Thanks for sharing. I already scheduled this post Vishwajeet.

    1. Hey Moss,

      Thanks for your valuable input. I really appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Have a Great Day 🙂

  4. Vishwajeet,

    That was a very helpful post! I did have a question about bad backlinks. Is there a good way to find those? A plug-in that is useful? Or simply reviewing posts and clicking on links to ensure that they are good. I have noticed a few problems occasionally, but most of the time it is friends pointing out to me that something doesn’t work before I am able to fix it.

    Any suggestions on how to keep the backlinks working properly and find them before friends or clients do?


    1. Hello Johanna,

      Welcome to my blog and Thanks for dropping your comment. You can use the tool like SEMrush to closely and precisely monitor your backlinks. This is a really amazing tool and I am using it. I highly recommend you to use it. You can start your 7 days free trial. Thanks for stopping by

      Have a Great Day 🙂

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