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How to Repurpose Your Snapchat Stories

Snapchat – It came. It saw. It conquered. What started out as a unique platform to share pictures and short videos of your barbecue party with friends and family as ‘snapchat stories’, has now turned into an essential marketing tool. This ghostly app is the perfect solution to Facebook clustered content, twitter’s limiting word count and Instagram ‘filter anxiety’, which, if utilized properly, could prove to be a vital platform to make your voice heard.

How to Repurpose Your Snapchat Stories

However, there is one thing which bothers everyone about this yellow app; the stories remain visible for just 24 hours and are automatically deleted after that, vanishing into thin air like a ghost! You can save the snaps into your ‘memories’ and on your phone, but your followers cannot view them again, unless you reuse those snaps by sharing them to other apps.

Let’s face it: Creating engaging content is a tough job. So naturally, having your content deleted after being visible for just 24 hours can really sting and keep you on your feet. This is where repurposing kicks in. ‘Repurposing’ your snapchat stories simply means recycling your snaps and using them on other social media apps. And although it sounds simple, there are certain things to keep in mind to avoid bland repetition and keeping your audience engaged. Here are some tips and tricks to repurpose your snapchat stories:

1. Save Your Snaps.

Before going on about repurposing, you need to make sure that your snapchat is setup to automatically save and secure your snaps. If you are new to Snapchat, you should know that the app does not automatically save things for you. For that purpose, tap the ghost icon on top, go to settings (by tapping the small white gear icon on top right), tap ‘Memories’ and under ‘Saving’, make sure that the ‘Auto Save Stories’ function is on. You can even choose where the stories get saved, by tapping on ‘Save to’ and selecting your desired location. A good option is ‘Memories and Camera Roll.’

save your Snaps

2. Share Your Stories Creatively on Other Social Media Platforms.

Now that you’ve started to save your snapchat stories on your phone, it is time to share them on other apps. You cannot just share your snapcode and expect people to take time out of their busy routines by looking you up and following you on Snapchat. This is where you need to share your most interesting stories to genuinely attract people and make them follow you.


Share a funny or interesting snap/video which you think would make people follow you. You can even share a part of your snapchat story to your Facebook, twitter and Instagram and make your followers curious by a cliffhanger. This is the best way to attract more followers and engage with your existing ones on other apps, making it a win-win situation.


3. Upload Your Stories On YouTube.

No matter what one might think, YouTube is and always will be the king of videos. So, why not utilize this amazing platform to repurpose your snapchat stories? Upload your most interesting snapchat videos (which you think can help you engage with your followers) on YouTube. Share your snapcode in the description and watch those followers flow in from YouTube. And there’s more: You can embed your videos to your blogs, LinkedIn and other platforms!


4. Get Creative and Create Captivating Content.

Another thing which sets Snapchat apart is its endless decorative features – filters, lenses, emojis, pen tool and much more. A seemingly boring and bland picture can be transformed into a breathtakingly interesting and immensely captivating image. You can use all of these features to your advantage and create some of the most stunning graphics and share your snaps on other apps. This way, you will have a better chance at attracting your Facebook friends as well as your Instagram and twitter followers.

creative content

5. Create GIFs.

Another simple way to ‘recycle’ your snapchat stories is to make gifs of your snapchat videos and spreading them around. Use them on Facebook, twitter, tumbler and other apps that allow you to share gifs. Spread your content and go wild. Who knows, you might even become a meme.


Snapchat allows you to create truly stunning and engaging content. Exploit its endless features as much as possible and recycle them on other platforms to increase activity and increase engagement with your followers. Just make sure to keep things interesting and relevant, and you are good to go.

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  1. Torrie, I love this one. I didn’t know you could save your snaps. I’ve just started to use Snapchat a little. It does take some time to learn how to use it and maneuver around.
    Thanks for sharing how we can save them and use them – that’s a great way to re-purpose some content!

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