How to increase your Site Alexa Ranking.

Alexa is widely used tool to measure a site’s traffic metrics. However Alexa rank doesn’t have any impact on Search engine rankings, but however, it is considered as one of the popular tools for measuring traffic of your site. Data provided by Alexa is roughly estimated and not the precise one. You will get accurate metrics when you try their paid services i.e. their site audit service.

 How to increase alexa ranking

There are so many sites who are still considering Alexa ranking as a major factor. For example when you apply for some affiliate programs and for Buysellads than they will surely check out your Alexa ranking. In this article, I will tell you a simple trick throw which you can increase your website/blog Alexa ranking.

  1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser

You have to install the Alexa toolbar to your browser. There are various plugins available for almost every browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer etc. You can also download Alexa toolbar directly from their official website.

  1. Add Alexa Rank widget to your site/Blog

You have to add Alexa rank widget your site/blog. If you are using WordPress then there are plenty of widgets available for showing Alexa rank widget to your site/blog. Similar widgets will also available on other CMS as well.

  1. Create Interlinking within your site

You should focus on your site interlinking. Link your internal pages and posts with each other. This will not only help you to increase Alexa ranking but also help you to let your visitor browse your site inner and old posts or page. Thus it will also decrease your site bounce rate.

  1. Building Backlinks

Its strongly recommend that you should increase site backlinks. The more backlinks you will get the more chances of getting your Alexa rank better. Don’t ever try to buy paid links or any link scheme this will only harm your site SEO. Create backlinks naturally like Guest Post, Blog commenting, forum posting, Social Media etc.

  1. Create Quality Content

Creating rich and quality content on regular basis will help you to gain natural backlinks and also increase your site readerships. Users visit your site for regular content and updates. Quality content will also appreciate by Google and hence increase your site ranking.

  1. Increase your Social Media Influence

Social media plays a great role to increase your site Alexa ranking and also consider as one of the best SEO techniques. Do share your posts and content on your Social Networking site more often this will increase your site social media influence. You can even share your old posts too.


Above are the few tricks that will help you to increase your site Alexa ranking. It also helps you to make most out of your site SEO Works. So, it’s a double benefit for you. Do remember that your Alexa rank won’t increase overnight. Implementing these techniques will increase your site ranking eventually.

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