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Luckyorange: All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite.

Today every cities of India get hit by severe flood.  The conditions of these areas are very worse and severe. I hope God may help them all.  Being a blogger it is also your dream that your blog get flooded by traffic and conversions. Thanks God, this dream won’t kill you, I hope so.

If you are an affiliate marketer and doing affiliate marketing from your blog than conversions is quite a familiar word for you. Every newbie affiliate marketers tries to increase their conversions.  But to increase your conversions, you have to understand you visitors first. How they interact with your blog?

There are hundreds of tools available online to track your website traffic and statistics. Google Analytics is also one of them. But when it comes to conversion, Google Analytics is not enough to help you to improve conversions on your blog.

In this article I am going to tell you about one of the best conversion optimization tools that help you to understand your visitors’ behavior on your site.  So, let’s get started:


Luckyorange is the conversion optimization tools which will not help you to understand the visitors, but also help you to optimize your website for better conversions.  It is a complete suite to all your optimization needs. It comes of some great features and functionality which helps you to take vital decisions about your website/Blog.

Features and benefits

Luckyorange comes with some handful tools to measure your site statistics and understand the key aspect of your visitors’ behaviour.  This will help you to optimize your site for better performance and help you to increase your sales and leads. So, let’s check out some key features of it:

Intuitive Dashboard:

luckyorange dashboard

Luckyorange comes of intuitive and easy to manage dashboards. You can track all of your visitors in real-time. You get detailed information about your site traffic in a single screen.  It also shows you the demographic information about your visitors and how they interact with your website.


It will automatically capture your visitors that visit your website and it as recordings. You can look every click scroll, move and more to find out how visitors are using your site.  The system even works on dynamic or member’s only pages out-of-the-box, without any more or complicated setup. You can pause, play, speed, skip idle activity and jump to any page of the visitor’s session.



It provides you interactive heatmaps and insights for your website. Learn more about your visitors’ behaviour using segmentation. It helps you to decide if your call-to-action is what user interacts with most.  Interactive heatmaps helps you to understand what your users do in real-time.



Easily integrate chat option to your website or blog and interact with your visitors. The chat option works great on both desktop and mobile devices.  You can customize the colors and text of your chat box. When browsing on mobile devices, the chat window will fill the screen for a great user experience.

Conversion Funnels:

Conversion Funnels

Conversion Funnels let you quickly see where people abandon a process on your website such as “checking out” or “creating an account”. Clicking on a funnel step will instantly filter your recordings to those visitors that abandoned the funnel at that particular step.

Easily create funnels based on as many behavior tags as you want. Explore various pathways to conversions with unlimited funnels.

Form Analytics:

form analytics

Identify Which Fields of Your Form Cause Abandonment.

This report will show the most common fields that were last typed in before the visitor abandoned the form.

For fields that have a high percentage, you might consider removing the field or changing the label. For example, if you have two fields “First Name and Last Name,” consider changing the form to just ask for “Name.”



A poll is very quick way to gain customer comments. Polls can be used to gain user insights or even as a form for lead generation. Show polls to people from specific countries or browsers. You can even sample your polls to a certain percentage of visitors.

Easily pick the color and text of your polls to match the look & feel of your website. All done through our dashboard, without the need to change code on your website.

Plans and pricing

Luckyorange pricing

Luckyorange comes with flexible pricing.  If your website have less than 25k page-views per month, you can start with their “Starter plan” it will cost you $10 per month.   However if you paid for annually you will get some discounts as well and save your money.  You can also upgrade your plan without any issues.

There all plans are comes with unlimited recordings, Unlimited heatmaps, Unlimited chat transcripts, Unlimited concurrent visitors.  Click here to start your free 7 days trail

Customer Support and Integration

Luckyorange comes with excellent customer support team. They are always ready to help you with your questions and queries.  Luckyorange also integrates seamlessly with hundreds of CMS. If you are using WordPress, you can download their official plugin and connect it with your account. No coding experience needed. It is as simple as that.


If you are looking for a all-in-one optimization suite than Luckyorange might be a good choice for you. I recommend you to use them on your website and blog and let us know about your experiences with us.

If you are already using it, I highly welcome your thoughts. Got a questions or queries in your mind about luckyorange? Share it with us. Just drop a comment below.

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