Modern Digital Marketing Techniques of SEO that will work in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important element of digital marketing. When we SEO, it includes practices and methods which one uses to acquire a raking higher of a website in the search engines. A higher ranked website means increased traffic to it and thereby more businesses.

Modern Digital Marketing Techniques of SEO that will work in 2018

SEO includes prioritizing keywords on the website- keywords which relate well to the content specified on the website and are potentially searched for more in search engines. Once the keywords are incorporated by the digital marketing agency in India, the search engines would rank that particular website in the search results giving a higher traffic rate.

1) SEO Strategy      

With numerous websites cropping up and businesses running the rat race to promote their products and services online, SEO strategy is fast gaining popularity and sought after by many people nowadays. Nowadays just knowing about the SEO and creating simple keywords don’t help at all. One should do a thorough research of the market and find out the target market of the website. Monitoring the online market and finding the targeted one is crucial to building up a business.

The four key territories of SEO that site owner need to examine are:

  • Technical SEO: How well your content can be crawled and recorded.
  • Content: Having the most applicable and best responses to a prospect’s inquiry.
  • On-site SEO: The advancement of your content and HTML.
  • Off-site SEO: Building authority to guarantee Google load the deck to support you.

2) SEO Audit

An SEO audit means an evaluation of the website and a growth hacking method which helps in retaining as well as getting more customers. The business should closely monitor the website, the users and the performance to create a detailed report and know the things it is lacking in. Thereafter, the website of the online T-shirt designer studio can set the required goals and attain profits by achieving them.

  • You can rapidly and effectively check probably the most important and significant SEO factors. So there’s no reason to put it off anymore! Here are few proposals for an independent technical audit of a site at the arrival level:
  • Check the performance of your website. Checking enables you to decide the age of the site, the nearness of confirmation during the extension period, etc. up to the keyword use in the title of the website.
  • Check your hosting. Decide the speed of loading and activity of your site.
  • Check the robots.txt file. This file is expected to control ordering via web crawlers. This is the place you give vital directions to the crawler about what you need to index and what not.
  • Check HTML code. Mistakes in HTML code influence the way your site is listed. The least demanding and most prominent approach to take in the subtle elements of HTML-code accumulation is to check it for legitimacy through W3C Markup Validation Service. If a page is not valid, it is important to distinguish errors and correct them, revamping the code.

3) SEO equipped lading pages

A good landing page can increase traffic and sales of a business. An increase in landing page means more gateways for search traffic.  An interactive and attractive landing page and homepage surely lure many people. The concept of a landing page is specifically more attractive for a user rather than the regular website as it is more interactive.

4) Infographics

Infographics are creative, infographics are interesting. They have the power to grasp more audiences in comparison to regular content. They have the ability to display the complexity of information in a simpler and more understandable way. A business or a website should invest in infographics on their website as it is more attractive and easier to understand.

5) RankBrain

RankBrain is a latest artificial intelligence program that analyses and evaluates search engine results. The program looks into a content page, analyses the keywords and how it relates to the users and then helps to connect a particular search with the results. However, RankBrain as well as Google have become much complex and sophisticated and erases out any content that indulges in keyword stuffing. The keywords stuffing practice is the overuse of keywords and content phrases. Websites should avoid this at all costs to not get a bad ranking. As indicated by Google, RankBrain is the third most essential component of the search algorithm.

Here are two particular approaches to enhance for RankBrain:

  • Research the intent behind each keyword.

The aim is everything with regards to optimization and RankBrain. Machine learning has started to see how context assumes an important part in searches.

  • Craft long-form, relevant content for it.
    Once you’ve explored the plan, it’s a great opportunity to make content for it.

6) Multiple keywords in Title

The SEO title is what is displayed in the search engine results. To get the best of traffic, the websites should make sure the title has as many keywords it can have. Though stuffing keywords is avoidable, the title should be well written and equipped with proper keywords to make it acquire a good ranking in the search engine results.

The best digital marketing agency in India should implement good SEO techniques and practices to ensure a higher ranking and increased traffic rate for businesses and customers.

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  1. Hello Kumar and Teresa,

    You nailed it in this blog post. Before stumbling on your blog, I was actually doing SEO audit to help me discover where I have been missing it. I’m glad I finally found out.

    My niche, insurance is such a dicey one but I know I will scale through someday and bring it to limelight.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sure implementing some of these techniques.

  2. Hey Teresa,

    Those are some of the latest techniques that do work. Doing an SEO audit periodically is a must for any website because the technical junk (like broken links) build up over time!

    Also doing a content audit and updating the posts helps keep your content fresh!


  3. Hi Teresa! Really very informative article. Thanks for sharing. Yes, these are the best digital marketing SEO tips that will help me to boost e-store. This article is helpful for beginners. Keep up the great work.

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