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My Blogging Goals For 2018.

I still remember the day when I launched this blog in October 2016. Now I have completed 1 year of blogging and in this 1 years I have learned a lot from the blogging. It’s really changed my life. Blogging helps me to connect with people worldwide.

My Blogging Goals

I am happy that through blogging I am able to share my knowledge and experiences with my readers. 2017 was a great year for me. I am able to grow my blog further and have gathered some good audiences for my blog.  I am also able to connect with fellow bloggers like Ryan Biddulph, Susan Welez, Donna Merrill, Lisa Sicard, Ravi Chahar and many more.

I really can’t believe that I will gain so much popularity and increase my influence over the blogosphere. Here are few milestone that I have achieved in 2017.

  • Featured in many Blogs including Zac Johnson’s Blog.
  • Connect with fellow and very helpful bloggers.
  • Writing 250+ articles on my blog.
  • Having 500+ Email Subscribers.
  • Increase Social Media presence.

For me 2017 has been a quite happy year for my blogging journey and I want to make it more happy in 2018 as well. I have made some blogging goals for 2018, which I want to share with you all. As You all know that I am quite new in blogging as one year is quite new in blogging. However Blogging have really changed my life.

Here are some of my blogging goals for 2018.

Creating more content

My main focus in 2018 will be creating more quality and relevant content for my blog readers. You know I have received lots of emails about my site content and most of them are appreciation emails that I received from my regular readers. Its make me happy and also motivates me when my readers said that they find my content very helpful and useful.

Blogging is all about helping and caring each other. No bloggers can survive without helping others as it is the nature and necessity of blogging. Success in blogging rely upon it.

Increasing Email Subscribers

As you all know that I am also in affiliate marketing and it is one of the primary ways to monetize my blog. So, in 2018 my focus will be on increasing my email subscribers. When you are doing affiliate marketing with blogging then email list plays a great role in generating revenue and conversion rates.

Email Marketing is a backbone of affiliate marketing business. You also have heard that many pro bloggers have suggested to create an email list from the beginning of your blog.

Driving more organic traffic.

Traffic is very important to increase the popularity of your blog. The more you promote the more people will know about your blog and its content. For this search engine is a great source. Every bloggers loves the organic traffic and Search Engines are one of them.

My focus will be on driving more Search engine traffic to my blog. In the primary days of my blogging my search traffic was quite low and poor and gradually I was able to make my post more SEO optimized and now I am getting a handful traffic from Google. In 2018, My focus will be to bring more traffic from search engines.

Increasing Social Media presence

Social Media is a great place to increase networking and build a good audience base. I am quite active in Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These sites are great ways to drive huge traffic to your blog. In 2018 I will try to increase my social media presence further. I will also try some sponsored advertising options like Facebook ads and will check out how it works.

Investing on Blogging tools

“Money rolls money”  When you invest in your business then you will be able to improve and grow your business and make profit from it. Same thing also apply on blogging. When you invest on blogging tools, It will help you improve and grow your blog.

As I have already invested on blogging tools like SEMRush and other tools which you can find in my resource page. These tools help me to grow and improve my blog. In 2018 I would like to invest on other tools which I find useful.

Over to you

Blogging empowers the life of passionate people who loves to write on various topics which is helpful and relevant to their users. These are some of my blogging goals which I have set for 2018. I hope that you will also have your blogging goals that you have set for this year and I would like to know about it. Don’t be shy to share your blogging goals with me.


About Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar is a passionate and full-time blogger. He is the Owner and Author of this blog. He started his blogging career in late 2016 and has written various articles on Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO etc. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.


  1. Great goals Vishwajeet!

    It’s nice to hear about the blogging journey of people. Blogging is indeed a journey that can take you to amazing places in life. You just have to be very passionate about it and learn to build a profitable business with it.

    I also love the fact that you can network and connect with people from all over the world. I really love the internet and the benefits of running your own blog site. The laptop lifestyle is the best!

    I have many goals for my blog and many personal goals this new year (2018).

    I got similar goals as you, for my blog. I want to create more valuable content for my audience, and also work a lot more on increasing my subscribers base. I’m also looking to do more video for the blog and also a vlog series for my personal life. We’ll see!

    Thank you for sharing this man!

    Keep it up!

    Warm regards! 😀

  2. Hi Vishwajeet,

    I’m glad to have met you via your blog and thanks for the mention. I think you have accomplished a lot your first year.

    I can’t believe that you were able to get 250 blog posts written. This year, I am actually increasing my blogging schedule as well. Instead of just 2x per week, I am increasing it to 3x per week.

    Oh, and I need to start focusing more on my email subscribers as well. After all, we all know how important it is to build our email list.

    Thanks for sharing your blogging goals with us and I have no doubt that you will reach them. You’ve created some awesome content that will help others who are wanting to get started blogging.

    Can’t wait to see the results from the goals you have set for yourself.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Hello Susan,

      Its my pleasure to have you mentioned on my blog. I hope You will also have a wonderful blogging year for 2018. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.

      Have a great Day 🙂

  3. Hi Vishwajeet, good for you on these goals! I know I’m looking at email right now and deciding whether this is the year I move from Mailchimp to another one like Aweber or Get Response.
    I am loving push engage as it does draw a lot of clicks and views but I know that email list is so important today too!
    Thanks for the mention. You’ve really pumped up your blogging since you began this journey. Have a wonderful 2018 and I’m sure you will succeed at the pace you have set here Vishwajeet.

  4. Hi Vishwajeet,
    It amazed me that you have already written 250 articles just in a year.. That’s incredible… It’s always good to set certain milestones in any journey..

    When it comes to blogging, we don’t have a choice instead putting all.

    I must say you have accomplished a lot, being featured in zacs blog. And making friends is one of the sweetest way succeeding in blogging career… Indirect benefits of getting social signals. Can be called as friends recurring gift in terms of likes, shares…

    Have a great year ahead! And Good Luck for your blogging goals.

    • Hey Navin,

      Thanks a lot bro, I really appreciate your thoughts. I also wish that you and your blog also reach great milestone in this year. Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a Great Day and year ahead 🙂

  5. Hi Vishwajeet,
    First of all best of luck with your goals. And I sure that you will be able to achieve your goals easily.
    You are going good.
    Keep it up.
    And have a good week ahead.

  6. Hey Vishwajeet,

    Love how you came up really transparent with your goals for the new year. It takes guts to publicly announce them because you are now accountable lol!

    I also love how you connect “creating more content for your blog” with “helping others and caring for them” – most bloggers do it for SEO.

    Investing on the right tools is always good! It helps accelerate your business growth.


  7. Hi Vishwajeet,

    You have done really well for yourself as we see from your achievements of the past year 2017. Being able to write 250 blog posts is a great achievement that can only be achieved by determination and hard work. As well as being featured in one of the best websites in the blogging industry – Zac Johnson’s blog.

    I’m so proud of your achievements, and reading about the goals you’ve set for 2018, it only gives one the drive and will-power to emulate you and strive to do the same as you. It’s really a motivation and inspiration for all bloggers.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Hi Vishwajeet,

    For only a year blogging you’ve achieved really a lot, congratulations! You’ve set great goals for 2018 and I’m pretty sure you will be able to achieve all of them.

    Best of luck and thank you for sharing with us.

    Velin N.

  9. Hii Vishwajeet,

    This really nice to read that pro bloggers create goals for blogging. 🙂 this is really new to read i will also do the same. i am really impressed with your last year achievement and goal for 2018. but the problem is this how to make a achievement goal?

    You have shared a useful article for me. Thanks for sharing.

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